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Prominent & Leading Wholesale Trader from New Delhi, we offer refton butane gas cartridge en417 230gm strech 4 pcs packaging one carton 28 pcs, flintec sb14 stainless steel, single-ended beam load cell, samsung sound bar main pcb board for hw-q600b (za)-gtk vn10hepm00340ae1fkt7g0029, tdk epcos pch 70/14.5 ferrite core made in czech republic, digital crimping tools and gloria "405 t" high performance sprayer, yellow/blue, 23x22x57.5 cm.

Refton Butane gas cartridge En417 230gm Strech 4 Pcs Packaging One Carton 28 Pcs

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Pack Contain4 Piece
Usage/ApplicationButane Gas Cyclinder
Model Name/NumberEN417
Is It PortablePortable
Item Weight Kgs230gm
Pack Contains1

Minimum order quantity: 56 Piece

  • Butane Purity :96%
  • For Butane Gas Stove
  • Made In korea
  • Package Contents: Pack of 1pc Butane Gas Canister.
  • Safe Removal: The cartridge can be removed and re-attached, even if not yet empty - an ideal solution if you need to operate multiple devices or transport your cartridge between uses
  • Hassle free installation: With a self-sealing safety valve - simply push and turn the device onto the cartridge until you hear a click for a secure and tight connection.
  • Ergonomic design for comfortable holding in the hand
  • Universal pin can be directly attachable to all standard equipment eg. Stove, flame torch, soldering gun

Flintec SB14 Stainless Steel, Single-Ended Beam Load Cell

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Product Brochure
TypeSingle Ended Shear Beam
ModelFlintec SB14 beam load cell
MaterialStainless Steel
Ingress ProtectionIP68
ApplicationTank & Vessel Weighing
Capacity500 to 5,000 LB
FeaturesHermetically sealed
Load Cell CertificationsNTEP, ATEX, OIML
Output Sensitivity(FS)2.0 +/- 0.002 mV/V
Maximum Safe Overload200% FS
Ultimate Safe Overload200% FS
Load Cell Intervals (nLC)/Divisions3000

Minimum order quantity: 1 Piece

The SB14 is a high accuracy, low profile bending beam available in a wide range of capacities. Full stainless steel construction and complete hermetic sealing ensures reliable accuracy and robustness in harsh industrial applications. The SB14 is the ideal choice for high accuracy weighing platforms due to the blind-hole load introduction arrangement when combined with the self-aligning feet.

applications Industrial platform scales, pallet truck scales, vessel and tank weighing systems.

SB14 Load Cell Specifications

Full Scale Output:
2.0 mV/V
mV/V/ohm calibration

Output Resistance:
1,000 (± 2) ohm

Input Resistance:
1,100 (± 50) ohm

Stainless steel

Compensated range
14 °F to 104 °F (-10 °C to 40 °C)
Operating range
0 °F to 150 °F (-18 °C to 65 °C)

Seal Type:
Hermetically sealed, IP69K

Safe Overload:
200% full scale

Safe Sideload:
100% full scale

Rated Excitation:
5 to 10 VDC (15 V maximum)

Insulation Resistance:
5,000 megohm

Combined Error:
± 0.03% full scale

Cable Length:
10 ft

Cable Diameter:
0.196 in
Polyurethane jacket

Cable Color Code:
Green +Excitation
Black –Excitation
White +Signal
Red –Signal
Yellow Shield

One-year limited

OIML (Available upon request)

Samsung Sound Bar Main PCB Board For HW-Q600B (ZA)-GTK VN10HEPM00340AE1FKT7G0029

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Thickness1.6 mm
Power510 W
Model Name/NumberHQ600B (ZA) GTK
Usage/ApplicationSAMSUN|G SOUND BAR

Minimum order quantity: 1 Piece

This main PCB board is designed specifically for the Samsung HW-Q600B(ZA)-GTK soundbar, ensuring seamless compatibility and reliable performance. Crafted with precision and attention to detail, this unit is ideal for use in repair and replacement projects, with a unit quantity of 100 available for purchase. Whether you are a professional repair technician or a consumer seeking to restore your soundbar to full functionality, this main PCB board offers the quality and durability you need. With its reliable design and compatibility with Samsung products, it is an excellent choice for anyone seeking to repair or upgrade their audio equipment.


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Product Brochure
Packaging Size20 mm
BrandFerrite Sales
Frequency50 Hz
Country of OriginMade in India

Minimum order quantity: 1 Piece

Mechanical stress and mounting
Ferrite cores have to meet mechanical requirements during assembling and for a growing number of applications. Since ferrites are ceramic materials one has to be aware of the special behavior under mechanical load.
As valid for any ceramic material, ferrite cores are brittle and sensitive to any shock, fast temperature changing or tensile load. Especially high cooling rates under ultrasonic cleaning and high static or cyclic loads can cause cracks or failure of the ferrite cores. For detailed information see data book, chapter “General - Definitions, 8.1”.
Effects of core combination on AL value 
Stresses in the core affect not only the mechanical but also the magnetic properties. It is apparent that the initial permeability is dependent on the stress state of the core. The higher the stresses are in the core, the lower is the value for the initial permeability. Thus the embedding medium should have the greatest possible elasticity.
Heating up
Ferrites can run hot during operation at higher flux densities and higher frequencies.
The magnetic properties of NiZn-materials can change irreversible in high magnetic fields.
Ferrite Accessories
Our ferrite accessories have been designed and evaluated only in combination with our ferrite cores. We explicitly point out that our ferrite accessories or our ferrite cores may not be compatible with those of other manufacturers. Any such combination requires prior testing by the customer and will be at the customer‘s own risk. We assume no warranty or reliability for the combination of our ferrite accessories with cores and other accessories from any other manufacturer.

Processing remarks

The start of the winding process should be soft. Else the flanges may be destroyed.– Too strong winding forces may blast the flanges or squeeze the tube that the cores can not be mounted any more.– Too long soldering time at high temperature (>300 °C) may effect coplanarity or pin arrangement.– Not following the processing notes for soldering of the J-leg terminals may cause solderability problems at the transformer because of pollution with Sn oxyde of the tin bath or burned insulation of the wire. For detailed information see chapter “Processing notes”, section 2.2.– The dimensions of the hole arrangement have fixed values and should be understood as a recommendation for drilling the printed circuit board. For dimensioning the pins, the group of holes can only be seen under certain conditions, as they fit into the given hole arrangement. To avoid problems when mounting the transformer, the manufacturing tolerances for positioning the customers’ drilling process must be considered by increasing the hole diameter.

Digital Crimping Tools

55000/Piece Get Latest Price

Product Brochure
Part NumberRC-Z2514 4-arbor crimping pliers
Usage/ApplicationUsing the adjustment knob, set the crimp arbors so that the enclosed gauge can move between the crim
Crimping Capacityselect 1.2 mm and adjust down to gauge dimension 1.0 mm.
Overall Length8 Inch
FeaturesAdjust the crimp arbors to a setting dimension of 1 mm: Using the adjustment knob, set the crimp arb
Packaging TypePLASTIC BOX
No. Of Crimping Positionselect 1.2 mm and adjust down to gauge dimension 1.0 mm
Crimping Typedigital display automatically jumps to the gauge value 1.0 mm

Minimum order quantity: 1 Piece

The RC-Z2514 four-indent crimping tool is used to crimp the turned crimp contacts listed below. The forcepsmay only be used if it is in perfect technical condition and is only for the purposes stated in the operating instructionsto use the purpose described. With this crimping tool, the user is able to defineto check the tongs at test intervals and to calibrate them if necessary. To increase process reliabilitythe pliers have wear monitoring at the user's site.This shows the user when the tool wearexceeds a defined range.The crimp tool settings were made in accordance with the in theDIN EN 60352-2 mentioned pull-off forces as well as usingdetermined using a reference wire. Depending on the wire used, therequired crimp tool settings from those mentionedvalues ​​differ.
Functionality• Switching on/off: Switching on and off takes place via the actuationthe "ON/OFF" button• Mode function: Using the "MODE" button, theDisplay functions optionally in mm, in inch or dieSelector positions from 1 – 8 selected according to MIL 22520become.Briefly press the "MODE" button with the enclosed gaugePress and select the desired display:Setting the crimping parameters / crimping process• Crimp mandrel and locator setting for the contact to be crimpedfrom the enclosed setting matrix.• Loosen the clamping screw (delivery condition).• The crimp dimension setting (crimping depth of the crimp mandrels)via setting wheelAdjust until the digital display shows the desired value.It should be noted that the crimp dimension to be set is alwaysmust start from a larger value, e.g. from 1.2 mmProvide crimp dimension 1.0 mm.• A clockwise feed movement results in a reduction in crimp size,counter-clockwise increases the crimp size.• Lock the crimp dimension setting with the clamping screw.• Locator by lifting sideways and turning in the noisyBring the setting matrix to the specified position. crimp contact in theInsert the crimp point up to the stop. The locator becomes theCrimp contact positioned exactly.• The prepared cable into the crimp contact in the pliersInsert to the stop and close the pliers firmly until the trigger lock is unlocked. Open pliers and theremove the crimped contact from the pliers.Do not crimp on the plug gauge or other similar objects to avoid damaging the pliersto avoid. Solid materials (e.g. steel) with a hardness greater than 35 HRC are crimpedgenerally to be avoided.

Gloria "405 T" High Performance Sprayer, Yellow/Blue, 23x22x57.5 cm

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Sprayer TypePortable
MaterialMild Steel
Pump TypeHigh Performance Sprayer
Fuel TypePetrol
Country of OriginMade in India

Minimum order quantity: 1 Piece

GLORIA 405 T Profiline has got a pressure tank made of steel with a high-quality internal plastic coating and a capacity of 5 litres that stands out due to its high durability. Contact between aggressive media and steel tank is avoided thanks to the coating, and cleaning is considerably easier. The high-performance sprayer works with an operating pressure of 6 bar and impresses with its equipment and a wide range of use.

The sprayer is equipped with FKM seals that have got a high thermal and chemical stability. So, the high-performance sprayer can withstand oil-bearing and aggressive spray media and extreme temperatures. 405 T Profiline is approved by TÜV (German technical inspection agency) and GS (tested for safety) – a proof for  safe operation and durable usability.

ToolFLo V252865N4C TNMC 55 4P VAM Top INT GP50C ON-EDGE Coated Carbide Threading Inserts

4000/Piece Get Latest Price

Number Of Flutes10 Pcs Each box

Minimum order quantity: 19 Piece

We are engaged in offering this product to our clients. Our range of all products is widely appreciated by our clients.

Reconnectable Breakaway For Fuel Dispenser

2200/Piece Get Latest Price

TypeBrake Drum Coupling
MaterialAluminium / Stainless Steel
Dimension/Size9.5x2.5x3.5 cm
Usage/ApplicationHydraulic Pipe
Size1 inch
Quantity Per Pack1
Working Pressure200 LPM

Minimum order quantity: 1 Piece

Always Connect Avance Swivel and Breakways to hoses compliant with EN-1360 (Conventional) or EN-13483 by direct coonection or using a solid-metal adaptor. Avance Swivels and Breakways are to bht used in conjuction with EN-13012 compliant nozzles.These breakways are designed for use only at facilities dispensing motor fuels Breakways should be limited to applications consistent with NFPA code 30A, APEA/IP Design consturction modification maintenance and de-commissioning of filling station. The dispensing systems must be specified to use breakway valves as per EN13617-2 (800NAvance ACSB1 and AHNSB1 breakways are for use with fuel flow rate of up to 200lpm

Diamond Granite Cutting Segments 125 Pcs Pack Wlg 9451 Pmbg098106 Dimension 9.8/10.6

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Size10X3.6X20 mm
MaterialTungston Carbide
Product TypeDiamond Segment
Set Contains125 pcs

Minimum order quantity: 1 Set

Diamond Granite/ Marble Cutting Segments 125 pcs pack WlG 9451 pmBG098106 Dimension 9.8/10.6 

Ziehl Abegg Axial Fan FL050-VDK.4I.V5P Xaust Fan 20in 3ph 460v-ac

40000/Piece Get Latest Price

Size20 Inch
Airflow Capacity3000-5000 m3/h
Electric Current TypeAC
Blade MaterialSS
Voltage460 V-AC
Product TypeAxial Fan

Minimum order quantity: 1 Piece

Used fan build by ZIEHL ABEGG FL050-4DK.4I.V5L with 400V / 0,49kW / 1410 RPM / 3~ / 50 Hz / Ø500mm.





Ziehl Abegg



Diameter Ø (mm)





Product Type

Axial fan

Country of Origin





12,2 kg



0,69/0,47 kW

Nominal voltage

400 B


85 dBA

Air current

8000 m3/h




1320/980 rpm

Protection class

IP 54

Operating Temperatures

-60°c  --- +60°c

Really Agricultural Water Pump (RAPL-WP-98G)

10500/Piece Get Latest Price

Power4 HP
Power SourcePetrol
Engine Type4 Stroke
Product TypePetrol Water Pump
Automation GradeSemi Automatic

Minimum order quantity: 1 Piece

Really petrol water pump is an economical and powerful petrol-driven water pump.The water pump is perfect for garden work, irrigation work, and agriculture work.The flow rate can be adjusted at any time.It is perfect for portable use too.Made to last in the long run, you can rely on these engines to do their job, and do it well.Developed for both draining and irrigation.The water pumps will work well in tough conditions due to the high spec material and design.Low fuel consumption and strong frame structure for better hold.The materials utilized to manufacture Really Water Pump, are sourced from the most reliable and official vendors, chosen after performing a detailed market survey  


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9500/Piece Get Latest Price

Diameter Inch6 Inch
Size6 Inch
I Deal InNew Only

Minimum order quantity: 1 Piece

Safety fill vents and funnels fit the 2-in (51-mm) bung on a vertically-stored drum. The brass vent provides automatic pressure and vacuum relief, and includes a brass cap with safety chain tethered to the vent to prevent misplacement or loss. Remove cap during drum filling operations. Model no. 08211 includes a 9-in(229-mm) wide polyethylene funnel to facilitate solvent waste disposal and reduce spillage. Keep vent capped in closed position after filling operations to prevent flammable vapor from escaping. Six-inch (152-mm) flame arrester safely dissipates heat and prevents flashback from external ignition sources.

Wedinard Horizontal/Vertical Table150MM/5.9" Table for Milling Machine

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35000/Piece Get Latest Price

Automation GradeSemi Automatic
MaterialCast Iron
Usage/ApplicationMilling Index 150MM/5.9" for Drilling
Capacity150MM/5.9" Table for Milling Machine

Minimum order quantity: 1 Piece

  • It can be used for indexing drilling or milling, circumferential cutting, boring a hole and spot facing on milling machine
  • Enjoys strong stability and wonderful performance
  • Made from premium nodular cast iron, which ensures durability and long service life
  • The vertical&horizontal table is one of the main accessory of milling machine
  • When table in vertical with tailstock working together, it can used on complex work for circular indexing drilling and milling

high speed low noise centrifugal fan backward curved suction blower 1.0 HP RPM 2830

8500/Piece Get Latest Price

Type of Centrifugal BlowersBackward Curved Blowers
Blower TypeCentrifugal Blower
PressureHigh Pressure
Power SourceElectric Blower
Power1 HP
BrandMother Motor
Blade MaterialCast Iron

Minimum order quantity: 1 Piece

The best in it's class having light weight, compact design, huge space saving, very low power consumption, high energy saving, low noise operation.
Can be used for fume extraction, chilling, hot air blower , burner application etc. 

Uc208-24 AMI F208 Flange Mount Bearing

2000/Piece Get Latest Price

MaterialBearing Steel
Bearing NumberF208
Housing typeSquare Flange unit
Bearing typeBall Bearing
Housing MaterialCast Iron

Minimum order quantity: 1 Piece

  • Standard load capacity
  • Relubrication groove with oil hole on set screw side
  • Anti-rotation pin on side opposite grease groove
  • Nylon patched class 3A set screws are standard
  • Standard Seal: R-Seal

Honeywell Searchpoint Optima Plus Infrared Flammable Gas Detector

55000/Piece Get Latest Price

Product Brochure
Detector TypePortable Multi Gas
ModelSearchpoint Optima Plus Point
Temperature Range40 Degree to + 65 DegreeC
Storage Temperature40 Degree to + 65 DegreeC
Power SourcePlug-In
Country of OriginMade in India

Minimum order quantity: 1 Piece

Searchpoint Optima Plus is an infrared point Hydrocarbon gas detector certified for use in potentially explosive atmospheres. The unit’s infrared detection principle offers the fastest speed of response and fail-to-safe operation, ensuring that your plant is compliant, your personnel are protected and your production process can deliver maximum uptime. Reduced routine maintenance, when compared with conventional electro-catalytic based gas detectors, provides low ongoing cost of ownership. The development of advanced internal fault diagnostics and false alarm rejection algorithms ensures that the Searchpoint Optima Plus delivers the highest level of operational integrity.

High Frequency Transformer

22/Piece Get Latest Price

PhaseSingle Phase
Cooling TypeDry Type
Input Voltage24v
Frequency50 Hz

Minimum order quantity: 100 Piece

type high frequency electronic transformers.

ToolFlo V2529153AC50C TNMC54 6P Vam Top Ext AC50C ON-EDGE Coated Carbide Threading Inserts

4000/Piece Get Latest Price


Minimum order quantity: 10 Piece

We are engaged in offering this product to our clients. Our range of all products is widely appreciated by our clients.

200 Hypertherm Plasma Cutting Shield 220536, 130 A

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Consumable TypeShield
Usage/ApplicationLaser Cutting Nozzle
Torch TypeCutting torch
Model Name/NumberHypertherm 20536
Voltage220 V
Fuel Gas TypeOxy-Acetylene
Automation GradeAutomatic
Packaging TypeBox

Minimum order quantity: 10 Piece

Fully interchangeable with original parts, but differs from original design thermacut electrodes has to be used with thermacut design cooling tube, otherwise it doesn’t fit to the torch, thermacut cooling tube can be used for thermacut design electrodes and for original design too.

The Hypertherm 220536 is a 130Amp Air/Air Shield, and its compatible with the MAXPRO200 Plasma Cutting System.

The shield is there to safeguard the torch and its other components from the sparks. It takes the brunt of the fallout so that wear to other parts is minimised.

Carbon Dioxide / B2.5 Empty Cyclinder 1.8 Litre ThreadS 750"-16 UNF 2 Piece Set

15500/Piece Get Latest Price

GradeIndustrial Grade
Body MaterialStainless Steel
Working Pressure1600 PSI

Minimum order quantity: 1 Piece

Capacity (cu in)


Water Capacity (lbs)


Water Capacity (liters)


Diameter (in)


Diameter (mm)


Length (in)


Length (mm)


Cylinder Weight (lbs)


Cylinder Weight (kgs)


CO2 (lbs)


CO2 (kgs)


Nitrogen (cu ft)



.750"-16 UNF

7uF 1100V Polypropylene Film Box Capacitor Epcos U22 K 2KV X2

220/Piece Get Latest Price

Types of CapacitorsPower Film Capacitors
ApplicationFrequency converters - Industrial and high-end power supplies - Solar inverters

Minimum order quantity: 5 Piece

Amps: 12
Voltage: 1,100
Ohms: .0081
Inductance (uH): .03
Tolerance (%): 10
Mounting: PCB
Lead/Terminal Type: Radial
Number Leads/Terminals: 2
Material: Metallized Polypropylene
Color: Blue
Temperature: 105°C
Pitch (mm): 27.5
Size (mm): 31.5 x 22 x 36.5 (l x w x h)

Additional InformationMetallized Polypropylene Box Capacitors
Radial Leads

- High CV product, compact
- Good self-healing properties
- Over-voltage capability
- Low losses with high current capability
- High reliability

Capacitance: 7.0 uF
Voltage: 1100 V
Tolerance: 10%
Current (Irms): 12.0 A
Resistance (ESR): 8.1 milliohm
Inductance (ESL): 30.0 nH
Dissipation Factor (@ 10 kH): 5.8
Temperature: 105°C

Length: 31.5mm (1.24")
Width: 22.0mm (0.87")
Height: 36.5mm (1.43")
Lead Space: 27.5mm (1.08")

- Frequency converters
- Industrial and high-end power supplies
- Solar inverters

Duda Energy HX2706 Plate Heat Exchanger B3-12A Kel Basc Brazed with 3/4" Male NPT Ports Weight 1020G

15000/Piece Get Latest Price

MaterialMild Steel
Heat Transfer TypeCompact
Plate Heat Exchanger TypeNPT PORTS BASC BRAZED
Max Pressure145 psi, test pressure: 290 psi

Minimum order quantity: 1 Piece

Duda Energy HX2706 Plate Heat Exchanger B3-12A Kel Basc Brazed with 3/4" Male NPT Ports 2.9" Height, 2.9" Width, 7.5" Length Weight 1020GM

  • Length: 7.5', width: 2.9', height: 2.9', heat exchange area: 3.88Ft², with m5-0.8 mounting studs
  • Refrigeration capacity: 3400 - 17000 BTU/hour, design pressure: 145 psi, test pressure: 290 psi
  • Design temperature:-319°f to 430°f,304 stainless steel inner plates brazed with 99.9+ percent Pure copper
  • For refrigerants, water, oil, light alkali/acid, fuel, antifreeze, air & most liquids/fluids

Timken ER23 Wide Inner Ring Ball Bearing, With Snap Ring, Double Sealed

2500/Piece Get Latest Price

Outer Diameter1-25/32
Surface FinishingCylindrical
TypeBall Bearing

Minimum order quantity: 1 Piece

  • Wide inner ring bearing for applications that require starting and running at low torque
  • Snap ring for holding the bearing in place
  • Setscrews on the inner ring for locking the bearing to the shaft
  • Coated with black oxide for corrosion resistance
  • Rubber seals on both sides of the bearing to keep lubricant in and contaminants out

Tong Xin 3 " inch 12V DC 0.25A Brushless Cooling Fan

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Voltage12 VDC
Air Flow3800 RPM
BearingsDual-Ball Bearing/Sleeve Bearing
Blade Type7 Blades, Black Plastic, UL94V-0
BrandTong Xin

TONG XIN TDR12038SMLP DC 12V 0.8A 12CM Cooling fan


.Home appliance  


3.Car industry  


5.Medical Equipment

6.UPS Power  

7.LED Lighting  

8.Computer Case  


10.Safty Equipment  

11.Office Electrics 

12.SUP Power


14.Printing Equipment

Air Operated Hydraulic Metal Conveyor Threaded Adopter 1-1/2 Weight 725gmX9Cm LongX 6cm Thickness

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Capacity200 Kg/Feet
Product TypeConveyor Threaded

Minimum order quantity: 1 Piece

Air Conveyors – Pneumatic Conveying Systems are available in High Quality Iron  and in high temperature High Quality Iron  for high temperature applications. Note: All our High Quality Iron  high temperature units are rated to 1200ºF (649ºC)

Special materials can be utilized for unique applications. If greater conveying force is required the conveying “generator” can be machined for higher capacities.

Common applications include hopper loading (resin in the plastic industry, bottle caps in bottling), material conveying of all sorts, waste and trim removal, transferring parts from one location to another, chip removal, tensioning fiber, and in filling operations

SGM7A Series 400V AC Servo Motor/Drive

12000/Piece Get Latest Price

BrandServo Motor
Output Power400V 3-phase
Output Current400V 3-phase
Input Voltage200 Voltage
Model Name/NumberAc Servo Motor SGMA7
Body MaterialAluminium
Speed RangeRange 200W - 3kW
Heat DissipationHigh efficiency, low heat generation

Minimum order quantity: 1 Piece

The SGM7A Series of motor is a 400V 3-phase motor that is highly efficient and has an integrated 24-bit high-resolution encoder. This particular range is designed for low inertia, high speed applications, however, this range is extremely versatile and lends itself well to a wide variety of applications. Whether it’s for high load/slow speed or low load/high speed, the SGM7A offers a wide operating window.

  • Range 200W – 3kW
  • 24-bit high-resolution encoder installed
  • High efficiency, low heat generation
  • Downsizing by up to 20%
  • Flange compatible with Sigma-5
  • Low inertia, high speed

SECO Milling Insert: 218.21-230TR-06-MD17, MK2050, Solid Carbide , Trigon Shape Made In Sweden

1200/Piece Get Latest Price


Minimum order quantity: 10 Piece

Efficiently tackle a variety of difficult-to-machine materials from stainless steel to heat-resistant superalloys with Seco’s High Feed 6 – the latest addition to our High Feed series of indexable-insert milling cutters. The new cutter features a design created specifically to boost material removal rates and handle high chip loads to achieve high performance and exceptional tool life.

Optimize all high feed machining applications, including face milling, slotting, contouring, plunging, with the High Feed 6. Its large-diameter cutter bodies are capable of 0.070” (1.8 mm) axial depths of cut and feature double sided inserts with six cutting edges for unsurpassed material removal and low operating costs.

High Feed 6 inserts mount at low lead angles to create axial rather than radial cutting forces, which lets tools experience less vibration and provide long, predictable performance.


Industry Targets

  • Aerospace
  • Mold & Die
  • Oil & Gas

Insert Style218.21
Insert Size230
Insert MaterialSolid Carbide
Insert ShapeTrigon
Inscribed Circle (Inch)1/2
Manufacturer GradeMK2050
Corner Radius (Decimal Inch)0.0630
Number Of Cutting Edges6
Thickness (Decimal Inch - 4 Decimals)0.2343
Coating/FinishTiSiN; TiAlN
Relief Angle0
Maximum Depth of Cut (Decimal Inch)0.0710
Insert Size Code230TR-06
Material GradeFine Grain
Width (Inch)1/2
Length (Inch)1/2
Thickness (Inch)15/64
Inscribed Circle (Decimal Inch)0.5000
Thickness Range (Decimal Inch)0.2200 to 0.2350
Inscribed Circle Range (Decimal Inch)0.5000 to 0.5100
Length Range (Decimal Inch)0.5000 to 0.6000
Insert HandRight Hand
Coating ProcessPVD
Hole Diameter (Decimal Inch)0.1870
Primary Workpiece Material CodeP; S; H; M
Secondary Workpiece MaterialStainless Steel; Superalloys & Titanium; Steel
Secondary Workpiece Material CodeP; S; M
Ansi Code218.21-230TR-06-M15
Iso Code218.21-230TR-06-M15
Convex Radius (Decimal Inch)0.3346
Rake Angle17
Cutting Edge StyleT-Land
Manufacturers Catalog Number218.21-230TR-06-M15
Cutter Series CompatibilityR220.21-R230; R217.21-R230
Chip BreakerM15
Material ApplicationStainless Steel; Superalloys & Titanium; Steel
Insert Holding MethodScrew
Coating ClassificationPVD
Single or Double Sided InsertDouble
Included Angle Degree60
Width (Decimal Inch - 4 Decimals)0.5000
Multi-Use ToolYes
Length (Decimal Inch - 4 Decimals)0.5000

Mini Cryo Gun Liquid Nitrogen Spray Can for Dermatology, New Cryo 350 ML Capacity by Group Of Delta

7000/Piece Get Latest Price

MaterialStainless Steel
Capacity0.5 L

Minimum order quantity: 1 Piece

  • Liquid nitrogen can be applied directly by spraying the gun
  • Cryo is the use of extreme cold to freeze and remove abnormal tissue
  • LNC treatment requires only about one-thirds the time by CO2 snow or nitrous oxide system (Regular cryo gun) to achieve the appropriate degree of freezing because of the relative temperatures (-196 degrees C when compared with -79 degrees C).
  • Excellent Quality Cryo Gun
  • Liquid nitrogen treatment can be done most conveniently and economically and usually arrange to have the container (cryo-can) filled at a local hospital, laboratory or even a factory,

Tama High Quality 21" Saw Chain for Chainsaw

350/Piece Get Latest Price

Chain Size22 inch
MaterialStainless Steel

Minimum order quantity: 1 Piece

The TAMA Trimmer Head is a precision trimmer head designed for use with TAMA Trimmer Blades. The TAMA Trimmer Head features a spring-tensioned blade guard and blade retainer ring, which secures the Trimmer Blade within the head while allowing easy removal and installation.The Trimmer Head is lightweight and durable, with a 7/8 inch cutting capacity and 5/32 inch to 1/4 inch teeth. It can attach to a variety of string trimmers and edgers, and replace your old head for better results.This trimmer head is designed for use with Kiston shavers only. Designed to provide a close shave and keep hair follicles away from the skin, it minimizes irritation and ingrown hairs.Our trimmer head can easily be installed on your TAMA lawn trimmer, or any other 18V battery-powered electric trimmer. With just the flip of a switch, easily convert from the trimmer to the edger.Replacement Trimmer Head for the KM150 and KM300 Trimmers. This trimmer head will fit any of the KM150 and KM300 models, but if you will be using one of these models with the included edger guide then this is the trimmer head you need. It is not compatible with a model that already has a spare line pre-installed.

Carbon Dioxide / Empty Cyclinder 0.67 Litre ThreadS 750"-16 UNF 2 Piece Set

7500/Cylinder Get Latest Price

GradeMedical Grade
Body MaterialAluminium

Minimum order quantity: 2 Cylinder

 Carbon Dioxide /  Empty Cyclinder 0.67 Litre  ThreadS 750"-16 UNF 2 Piece Set, “Surya Home Collection” are a leading Wholesale Trader of a wide range of Pressure Cooker, Stainless Steel Spoon, Disposal Spoon, books etc.

Polypropylene Capacitors

220/Piece Get Latest Price

Capacitance0.1 uF
Types of CapacitorsPower Film Capacitors

Minimum order quantity: 10 Piece

Amps: 12
Voltage: 1,100
Ohms: .0081
Inductance (uH): .03
Tolerance (%): 10
Mounting: PCB
Lead/Terminal Type: Radial
Number Leads/Terminals: 2
Material: Metallized Polypropylene
Color: Blue
Temperature: 105°C
Pitch (mm): 27.5
Size (mm): 31.5 x 22 x 36.5 (l x w x h)

Additional InformationMetallized Polypropylene Box Capacitors
Radial Leads

- High CV product, compact
- Good self-healing properties
- Over-voltage capability
- Low losses with high current capability
- High reliability

Capacitance: 7.0 uF
Voltage: 1100 V
Tolerance: 10%
Current (Irms): 12.0 A
Resistance (ESR): 8.1 milliohm
Inductance (ESL): 30.0 nH
Dissipation Factor (@ 10 kH): 5.8
Temperature: 105°C

Length: 31.5mm (1.24")
Width: 22.0mm (0.87")
Height: 36.5mm (1.43")
Lead Space: 27.5mm (1.08")

- Frequency converters
- Industrial and high-end power supplies
- Solar inverters

TNMA 160408 LT1500 Carbide Inserts, For CNC Machine 10 Pcs Box

2000/Piece Get Latest Price

Usage/ApplicationCNC Machine

Minimum order quantity: 10 Piece

“Surya Home Collection” are a leading Wholesale Trader of a wide range of Pressure Cooker, Stainless Steel Spoon, Disposal Spoon, books etc.

Carbide CNMA 120408 Insert, For CNC Machine 10 Pcs Box

2000/Piece Get Latest Price

Usage/ApplicationCNC Machine

Minimum order quantity: 10 Piece

“Surya Home Collection” are a leading Wholesale Trader of a wide range of Pressure Cooker, Stainless Steel Spoon, Disposal Spoon, books etc.

Vertex Standard VX-829 ATEX

8500/Piece Get Latest Price

No of Channels99 Channel
TypeWireless with Earpiece
Model Name/Numbervetex 829

Minimum order quantity: 1 Piece

  • Vertex Standard VX-829 ATEX is an analogue, intrinsically safe, licenced, two way radio from Vertex.
  • The VX-829 ATEX is Intrinsically Safe and certified to meet ATEX approval specifications for gas protection to use in explosive hazardous settings.
  • The smallest radio offered by Vertex Standard is unobtrusive and easy to wear all day”

Vertex Standard VX-829 ATEX Product Features:
  • 512 Channel capacity (VX-829E)
  • Wide band coverage
  • Seven programmable keys (VX-829E)
  • Direct channel recall
  • 12-Character alphanumeric display (VX-829E)
  • RX/TX Battery power save
  • CTCSS / DCS Encode and Decode
  • User selectable tone
  • BCLO / BTLO and TOT
  • MDC-1200 ANI Encode
  • Stun / kill / revive (5-tone)
  • Lone Worker
  • Compander
  • Whisper
  • Minimum volume control
  • Scan options: Priority, Dual Watch, Follow-me, Follow-me Dual Watch, Talk Around
  • Programmable home channel function
  • Radio-to-radio cloning

Sealmaster ER-16C Bearing

1500/Piece Get Latest Price

Bearing TypeCylindrical Roller Bearing
Bearing NumberER16-C

Minimum order quantity: 2 Piece

Sealmaster, ER-16C, Cylindrical OD Bearing, 1" Diameter, Setscrew Locking, Single Lip Contact Seal


Manufacturer Sealmaster
Part Number ER-16C
Type Cylindrical OD Bearing
Shaft Diameter (in) 1
Locking Device Setscrew
Seal Type Single Lip Contact Seal
Duty Series Standard
Housing Material Not Applicable
Insert Material 52100 Steel/Black Oxide
Product Specifications Click Here for Specifications
Estimated Weight 1.00

Grundfos Liquid flow and temperature industrial sensor

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30000/Piece Get Latest Price

Product Brochure
Output TypeDigital
TypeLiquid Flow Sensor
Part NumberVFI/-0.6-12m/1/ C/M5.00-X/EG6/SS/30F/AC-1
Flow Rate-30 .. 110 DegreeC
Output4-20 mA

Minimum order quantity: 1 Piece

VFI is a flow and temperature industrial sensor designed to be robust, accurate and easy to install. It uses our Silicoat® coating to be in direct contact with the media and provide stable signals.

The VFI is based on the principle of vortex shedding behind a bluff body. The VFI has no moving parts and is built into a stainless steel pipe. The rugged design allows the VFI to be used in a wide range of applications as a cost-effective and accurate flow transmitter.

Ingersoll Rand BAW015080 Pneumatic Air Balancer with Single Wire Rope BA Series 150 lb Load

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55000/Piece Get Latest Price

Product Brochure
MaterialMild Steel
Product TypeCrane Rail
Usage/ApplicationOverhead Cranes
Max Load Capacity150lb
Part NumberBAW015080

Minimum order quantity: 1 Piece

Ingersoll Rand BAW015080 Air Balancer is operated by compressed air and air cylinder. Air Balancer can be used for loading, unloading and transport. In the models with the lift control module, the floating feature facilitates the attachment and removal of a suspended load. Ingersoll Rand Air Balancer creates a “no-load” sensation by balancing the load in a weightless suspension as it is moved. This makes manipulating the load easier and more efficient in industrial assembly processes. 


  • Performance: Float action provides ease of vertical travel, eliminating tension on load, making positioning capability far superior
  • Headroom: Requires only 20 inches (508 mm) from bottom of rail to bottom of hook
  • Adjustment: Simple adjustment in seconds by means of external regulator
  • Sequencing: Can be sequenced via air signal to perform timed or “stepped” operation
  • Maintenance: Virtually maintenance-free, normal maintenance can be done in place on the rail

Galvanized Hexagonal Wire Mesh Murga Jali Thickness 2.00 MM SIZE 4 X 50 FEET

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65/Kg Get Latest Price

Weave TypeHexagonal
Material Gradesoft surface, easy to shape, bright color. Suitable for modeling, building external insulation
Mesh Size2.0MM
Weight8.2 kG

Minimum order quantity: 500 Kg

Galvanized hexagonal wire mesh is an angular net woven of wire. Also known as hexagonal net/barbed wire, use wire diameter according to the size of the hexagonal change.
For hexagonal wires of galvanized metal, use wires with diameters from 2.0mm to 4.0mm.
The hexagonal net woven with PVC covered metal wire increases the diameter of the plastic wire by 1.0mm. Twist plait hexagonal, on the edge of the casing outside the line can make unilateral, bilateral and edge silk can activities.'
Galvanized hexagonal wire mesh used for Control and guide rivers and water and soil loss prevention.

Hanhaa Parcel Live Gprs Tracker

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2500/Piece Get Latest Price

Usagefor Heavy Vehicle
Screen Size3.5 Inch

Minimum order quantity: 1 Piece

We’ve partnered with global cargo tracking experts, Hanhaa, to bring you ParceLive, a real-time, multimodal tracking service. It connects you to essential live information about the location, condition and security of your assets at every stage of the delivery journey and with every package you send.

ParceLive is an advanced multi-sensory tracker which travels within your package and continuously records real-time data linked to supply chain conditions including: 

  • Temperature
  • Humidity
  • GPS location
  • Shock detection
  • Whether your parcel is dropped, tilted or opened.
Identify and fix performance problems in your supply chain

ParceLive provides you with valuable insights as your packaging moves through every stage of the supply chain. Its features include:

  • Dashboard visibility
  • ‘Live’ data feeds
  • Full data integrati

Ingersoll Rand BW035080 100psi Pneumatic 350lb Tool Balancer

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85000/Piece Get Latest Price

MaterialMild Steel
Product TypeCrane Rail
Usage/ApplicationOverhead Cranes
Max Load Capacity350lb
Part NumberBW035080

Minimum order quantity: 1 Piece

Load lifting and traction devices are used for lifting and pushing loads.
Machinery and maintenance tools are mooring, lifting, pulling, transporting and moving loads.
Storage and movement products relates to products that allow for material to be stored or that facilitate the movement or access to places, such as stairs, scaffolding, cabinets, lockers or tool-case equipment.


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