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Mayo Clinic General Surgery (Mayo Clinic Scientific Press) Paperback Book

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Name Of BookMayo Clinic General Surgery (Mayo Clinic Scientific Press) Paperback Book
AuthorJad M. Abdelsattar (Author), Moustafa M. El Khatib (Author), T. K. Pandian (Author), Samuel J. Alle
Edition1st Edition
Published ByOxford University Press
Book NameMayo Clinic General Surgery (Mayo Clinic Scientific Press) Paperback Book
Pages312 pages
YearMay 14, 2020
Size/Dimension9.9 x 0.5 x 7 inches
kg671 g

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Mayo Clinic General Surgery is a concise text that aims to provide learners with knowledge crucial to the development of surgical skill. Featuring nearly 200 "challenge" questions designed to reveal the gaps in your surgical knowledge and over 200 instructional videos, with accompanying video stills and transcripts, this book offers multiplatform educational content in a learner-friendly format. Contents include surgery by organ system, such as the esophagus and colon, and a special chapter for trauma assessment. Each chapter contains information on the organ system, including embryology, anatomy, and physiology, as well as clinical presentations and imaging techniques. Finally, every chapter offers descriptions of operations and potential postoperative complications.

Dr. Farley and his coauthors present the core concepts of general surgery instruction at Mayo Clinic, offering a unique glimpse at surgical training in this world-renowned institution. This book provides succinct and accurate information in a written, visual, and audiovisual format that allows efficient access to surgical learners-especially those with just a few minutes to spare. Ultimately, the goal is to better prepare students, residents, and fellows for their surgical experiences and lead to better understanding with long-term retention.

PERSUASION- Fingerprint Paperback Book

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Book NamePERSUASION- Fingerprint Paperback Book
AuthorJane Austen (Author)
Pages256 pages
Year1 June 2016

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Enter the world of Jane Austen's timeless masterpiece Persuasion. This captivating novel delves into the complexities of love, societal expectations, and the power of second chances. Follow the journey of Anne Elliot as she navigates the realm of persuasion and discovers the true meaning of happiness and self-worth.

  • Features Austen's signature wit and insight
  • Beautifully designed edition
  • Perfect for fans of classic literature and romance
  • Explores the themes of love and societal expectations
  • Richly developed characters and intricate relationships

Heart of Darkness Paperback Book

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Name Of BookHeart of Darkness Paperback Book
AuthorJoseph Conrad (Author)
Calendar StandsJanuary 2, 2018
YearJanuary 2, 2018

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Heart of Darkness is a gripping literary masterpiece that explores the depths of the human psyche. Immerse yourself in Joseph Conrad's haunting narrative as you journey through the unforgiving Congo, confronting the darkness that lurks within us all. This edition features:

  • Intriguing characters and a thought-provoking storyline
  • Rich and evocative language that transports you to the heart of Africa
  • A profound examination of imperialism and its impact on the human spirit
  • A timeless classic that continues to resonate with readers today
  • A beautifully designed hardcover edition for collectors and book lovers.

Is This Anything Hardcover Book

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Name Of BookIs This Anything Hardcover Book
AuthorJerry Seinfeld (Author)
Book NameIs This Anything Hardcover Book
Calendar StandsOctober 6, 2020
YearOctober 6, 2020
Binding TypeHardcover
Pages480 pages

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The first book in twenty-five years from Jerry Seinfeld features his best work across five decades in comedy.

Since his first performance at the legendary New York nightclub “Catch a Rising Star” as a twenty-one-year-old college student in fall of 1975, Jerry Seinfeld has written his own material and saved everything. “Whenever I came up with a funny bit, whether it happened on a stage, in a conversation, or working it out on my preferred canvas, the big yellow legal pad, I kept it in one of those old school accordion folders,” Seinfeld writes. “So I have everything I thought was worth saving from forty-five years of hacking away at this for all I was worth.”

For this book, Jerry Seinfeld has selected his favorite material, organized decade by decade. In page after hilarious page, one brilliantly crafted observation after another, readers will witness the evolution of one of the great comedians of our time and gain new insights into the thrilling but unforgiving art of writing stand-up comedy.

Unfinished: A Memoir Hardcover

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Name Of BookUnfinished: A Memoir Hardcover
AuthorJonas Priyanka Chopra (Author, Contributor)
Book NameUnfinished: A Memoir Hardcover
Calendar Stands9 February 2021
Year9 February 2021
Binding TypeHardcover
Pages280 Pages

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The most awaited autobiography by Priyanka Chopra!

"I have always felt that life is a solitary journey, that we are each on a train, riding through our hours, our days, our years. We get on alone, we leave alone, and the decisions we made as we travel on the train are our responsibility alone."

In this thoughtful and revealing memoir, readers will accompany one of the world's most recognizable women on her journey of self-discovery. A remarkable life story rooted in two different worlds, Unfinished offers insights into Priyanka Chopra Jonas's childhood in India; her formative teenage years in the United States; and her return to India, where against all odds as a newcomer to the pageant world, she won the national and international beauty competitions that launched her global acting career. Whether reflecting on her nomadic early years or the challenges she's faced as she's doggedly pursued her calling, Priyanka shares her challenges and triumphs with warmth and honesty. The result is a book that is philosophical, sassy, inspiring, bold, and rebellious. Just like the author herself.
From her dual-continent twenty-year-long career as an actor and producer to her work as a UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador, from losing her beloved father to cancer to marrying Nick Jonas, Priyanka Chopra Jonas's story will inspire readers around the world to gather their courage, embrace their ambitions, and commit to the hard work of following their dreams.

When I saw how people were looking at me on my first day back at school in Bareilly-as if I were a fantastical, brightly colored unicorn-I realized that I wanted to see myself that way, too. I wanted to feel interesting and unusual and amazing, to feel that I was deserving of people's gaze. I wanted to leave behind my fear of being different, the quality that seemed to cause trouble for me in America. From now on, if I was going to be an anomaly, I was going to be the shiniest damn anomaly around. I had no idea if I could pull off that sort of attitude or not, but I was sure as hell going to try.

Security Politics in Japan: Legislation for a New Security Environment Hardcover Book

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Book NameSecurity Politics in Japan: Legislation for a New Security Environment Hardcover Book
AuthorYuichi Hosoya (Author)
ClassHigher Education Text Book
Weight13.4 ounces
Number Of Pages208 pages
Publisher NameJapan Publishing Industry Foundation for Culture
Year Of PublicationOctober 4, 2019

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How can peace be realized in the modern world? And how can Japan ensure its own security? Despite the intense debates over Japan’s recent security-related legislation, such vital issues as these were never explored. To give proper consideration to these thorny questions, it is indispensable to have both a knowledge of history indicating the circumstances in which wars occur and a real recognition of the security environment of the twenty-first century. This work explores hotly debated security-related matters from a standard viewpoint on international politics and diplomatic history. It also advocates in a bold yet level-headed manner the form Japan’s security should take and the path Japan should follow to make that a reality.

The Great God Pan Hardcover Book

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Name Of BookThe Great God Pan Hardcover Book
AuthorArthur Machen (Author)
Book NameThe Great God Pan Hardcover Book
Calendar Stands11 November 2022
Year11 November 2022
Binding TypeHardcover
Pages132 Pages

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The Great God Pan is a horror and fantasy novella by Welsh writer Arthur Machen. Machen was inspired to write The Great God Pan by his experiences at the ruins of a pagan temple in Wales. What would become the first chapter of the novella was published in the magazine The Whirlwind in 1890. Machen later extended The Great God Pan and it was published as a book alongside another story, "The Inmost Light", in 1894. The novella begins with an experiment to allow a woman named Mary to see the supernatural world. This is followed by an account of a series of mysterious happenings and deaths over many years surrounding a woman named Helen Vaughan. At the end, the heroes confront Helen and force her to kill herself. She undergoes a series of supernatural transformations before dying and she is revealed to be the child of Mary and the god Pan.


On publication, it was widely denounced by the press as degenerate and horrific because of its implied sexual content, and the novella hurt Machen's reputation as an author. Beginning in the 1920s, Machen's work was critically re-evaluated and The Great God Pan has since garnered a reputation as a classic of horror. Literary critics have noted the influence of other nineteenth-century authors on The Great God Pan and offered differing opinions on whether or not it can be considered an example of Gothic fiction or science fiction. The novella has influenced the work of horror writers such as Bram Stoker, H. P. Lovecraft, and Stephen King, and has been adapted for the stage twice. (

Elliott Wave Principle Hardcover Book

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Name Of BookElliott Wave Principle Hardcover Book
AuthorA J Frost Robert R Prechter (Author)
Book NameElliott Wave Principle Hardcover Book
Calendar Stands1 January 2017
Year1 January 2017
Binding TypeHardcover
Pages260 pages

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still the best way to learn the wave principlefirst published in 1978, Elliott wave principle is the definitive text designed to help the Elliott wave novice and veteran practitioner alike. This book will teach you the rules and guidelines of the wave principle and help you understand how to apply it to any financial market.37-plus years is enough time for investors to deem a book about an investment method as "classic," and surely the jury is in on this one: Elliott wave principle is now published in seven languages, and continues to sell thousands of copies every year. In Europe, Asia and the Americas, literally millions of investors worldwide use or recognise the Elliott wave method as the road map for how markets behave. here's a sample of what you'll learn:
the basic tenets of wave theory: you'll read simple explanations of the Terms, and how to identify all 13 waves that can occur in the price movement of financial markets. the rules and guidelines of wave analysis: you'll learn the basics of counting waves, how to recognise the "right look" Of a wave, plus lots of simple steps for applying the rules. the scientific background of the wave principle: how you can see it in nature and the universe, in art and Mathematics, even in the shape of the human body. long-term waves: you'll see how the wave principle gives history greater meaning, from the fall of the Roman Empire through the middle Ages into the financial upheavals of the 20th century. Understanding these monumental trends will help you position yourself for long-term Profit and protection. stocks, commodities and gold: the wave principle is your guide to the movements of any financial market. Few pleasures can match the exhilaration you'll feel when a wave principle forecast has you in the market when it moves up, or takes you out just before it moves down.

Architecture Unbound: A Century of the Disruptive Avant-Garde Hardcover Book

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GenreHigher Education Text Book
Name Of BookArchitecture Unbound: A Century of the Disruptive Avant-Garde Hardcover Book
AuthorJoseph Giovannini (Author)
Calendar StandsNovember 30, 2021
Edited ByRizzoli
YearNovember 30, 2021

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Examines the influence of twentieth-century avant-garde movements on the contemporary architectural landscape through the work of “disruptors” such as Frank Gehry, Rem Koolhaas, and Zaha Hadid. With an irregular format designed by celebrated graphic designer Abbott Miller of Pentagram.

In Architecture Unbound, noted architecture critic Joseph Giovannini proposes that our current architectural landscape ultimately emerged from transgressive and progressive art movements that had roiled Europe before and after World War I. By the 1960s, social unrest and cultural disruption opened the way for investigations into an inventive, antiauthoritarian architecture. Explorations emerged in the 1970s, and built projects surfaced in the 1980s, taking digital form in the 1990s, with large-scale projects finally landing on the far side of the millennium.

Architecture Unbound traces all of these developments and influences, presenting an authoritative and illuminating history not only of the sources of contemporary currents in architecture but also of the twentieth-century avant-garde and the twenty-first-century digital revolution in form-making, and profiling the most influential practitioners and their most notable projects, including Frank Gehry’s Guggenheim Bilbao and Walt Disney Concert Hall, Zaha Hadid’s Guangzhou Opera House, Daniel Libeskind’s master plan for the World Trade Center, Rem Koolhaas’s CCTV Tower, and Herzog and de Meuron’s Bird’s Nest Olympic Stadium in Beijing.

The Happy Youth of a Desperate Country (JAPAN LIBRARY) Hardcover Book

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Name Of BookThe Happy Youth of a Desperate Country (JAPAN LIBRARY) Hardcover Book
AuthorNoritoshi Furuichi (Author)
Book NameThe Happy Youth of a Desperate Country (JAPAN LIBRARY) Hardcover Book
Calendar StandsMarch 27, 2017
YearMarch 27, 2017
Binding TypeHardcover
Pages294 pages

Minimum order quantity: 1 Piece

Young people in present-day Japan, a socially-polarized society, have been reportedly "unhappy." According to statistics, however, 80 percent of them are currently "satisfied" with life. By drawing attention to this very fact, The Happy Youth of a Desperate Country, a magnum opus by acclaimed sociologist Noritoshi Furuichi, has revoltionized the discourse on youth theory in Japan. Containing more than six hundred footnotes, this work offers a probing examination of the portrait of "young people" and serves as the definitive edition for anyone seeking to attain a wide-ranging grasp of Japan and its "young people," from a defining voice of their generation.

Peril Hardcover Book

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Name Of BookPeril Hardcover Book
AuthorBob Woodward (Author), Robert Costa (Author)
Book NamePeril Hardcover Book
Calendar StandsSeptember 21, 2021
YearSeptember 21, 2021
Binding TypeHardcover
Pages512 pages

Minimum order quantity: 1 Piece

The transition from President Donald J. Trump to President Joseph R. Biden Jr. stands as one of the most dangerous periods in American history.

But as # 1 internationally bestselling author Bob Woodward and acclaimed reporter Robert Costa reveal for the first time, it was far more than just a domestic political crisis.

Woodward and Costa interviewed more than 200 people at the center of the turmoil, resulting in more than 6,000 pages of transcripts—and a spellbinding and definitive portrait of a nation on the brink.

This classic study of Washington takes readers deep inside the Trump White House, the Biden White House, the 2020 campaign, and the Pentagon and Congress, with vivid, eyewitness accounts of what really happened.

Peril is supplemented throughout with never-before-seen material from secret orders, transcripts of confidential calls, diaries, emails, meeting notes and other personal and government records, making for an unparalleled history.

It is also the first inside look at Biden’s presidency as he faces the challenges of a lifetime: the continuing deadly pandemic and millions of Americans facing soul-crushing economic pain, all the while navigating a bitter and disabling partisan divide, a world rife with threats, and the hovering, dark shadow of the former president.

“We have much to do in this winter of peril,” Biden declared at his inauguration, an event marked by a nerve-wracking security alert and the threat of domestic terrorism.

Peril is the extraordinary story of the end of one presidency and the beginning of another, and represents the culmination of Bob Woodward’s news-making trilogy on the Trump presidency, along with Fear and Rage. And it is the beginning of a collaboration with fellow Washington Post reporter Robert Costa that will remind readers of Woodward’s coverage, with Carl Bernstein, of President Richard M. Nixon’s final days.

If Youre Not First, Youre Last Grant Cardone Hardcover Book

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Name Of BookIf Youre Not First, Youre Last Grant Cardone Hardcover Book
AuthorGrant Cardone (Author)
Book NameIf Youre Not First, Youre Last Grant Cardone Hardcover Book
Calendar StandsJanuary 1, 2018
YearJanuary 1, 2018
Binding TypeHardcover

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Please Read Notes: Brand New, International Softcover Edition, Printed in black and white pages, minor self wear on the cover or pages, Sale restriction may be printed on the book, but Book name, contents, and author are exactly same as Hardcover Edition. Fast delivery through DHL/FedEx express.

Climate Change and Youth: Turning Grief and Anxiety into Activism Paperback Book

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Name Of BookClimate Change and Youth Paperback Book
AuthorLinda Goldman (Author)
EditionFirst Edition
Published ByRoutledge
Book NameClimate Change and Youth Paperback Book
Pages336 pages
YearMay 11, 2022
kg1.59 pounds

Minimum order quantity: 1 Piece

Climate Change and Youth is a pioneering book that opens the door to understanding the profound impact climate change has on the mental health of today’s young people.

Chapters provide age-appropriate language for a meaningful dialogue and resources for acknowledging children’s voices, separating fact from fiction about environmental issues, encouraging participation in activism, creating tools to reduce stress, and highlighting inspirational role models and organizations for action. The book includes firsthand examples, research, children’s work, interviews, and terminology. It also shares age-appropriate resources and websites relating to climate change and challenges.

Filling a large void in the literature on this topic, this essential resource offers techniques and tools that professionals and caring adults can use to address the stresses associated with climate change and offer strategies for hope, resilience, and action.

Machine Learning for Edge Computing (Edge AI in Future Computing) Hardcover Book

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ClassHigher Education Text Book
Book NameMachine Learning for Edge Computing (Edge AI in Future Computing) Hardcover Book
Binding TypeHard Bound
AuthorAmitoj Singh (Editor), Vinay Kukreja (Editor), Taghi Javdani Gandomani (Editor)
Edition1st edition
Number Of Pages200 pages
Size6.14 x 0.64 x 9.21 inches

Minimum order quantity: 1 Set

This book divides edge intelligence into AI for edge (intelligence-enabled edge computing) and AI on edge (artificial intelligence on edge). It focuses on providing optimal solutions to the key concerns in edge computing through effective AI technologies, and it discusses how to build AI models, i.e., model training and inference, on edge. This book provides insights into this new inter-disciplinary field of edge computing from a broader vision and perspective. The authors discuss machine learning algorithms for edge computing as well as the future needs and potential of the technology. The authors also explain the core concepts, frameworks, patterns, and research roadmap, which offer the necessary background for potential future research programs in edge intelligence.

The target audience of this book includes academics, research scholars, industrial experts, scientists, and postgraduate students who are working in the field of Internet of Things (IoT) or edge computing and would like to add machine learning to enhance the capabilities of their work.

This book explores the following topics:


  • Edge computing, hardware for edge computing AI, and edge virtualization techniques


  • Edge intelligence and deep learning applications, training, and optimization


  • Machine learning algorithms used for edge computing


  • Reviews AI on IoT Discusses future edge computing needs

Amitoj Singh is an Associate Professor at the School of Sciences of Emerging Technologies, Jagat Guru Nanak Dev Punjab State Open University, Punjab, India.

Vinay Kukreja is a Professor at the Chitkara Institute of Engineering and Technology, Chitkara University, Punjab, India.

Taghi Javdani Gandomani is an Assistant Professor at Shahrekord University, Shahrekord, Iran.

Full Circle (C. Everard Palmer Collection) Paperback Book

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Name Of BookFull Circle (C. Everard Palmer Collection) Paperback Book
AuthorEc Palmer (Author)
Calendar StandsJuly 30, 2003
YearJuly 30, 2003

Minimum order quantity: 1 Piece

A life affirming story of how Rami Johnson overcomes tragedy to rebuild his home and his life and restores his family's fortune.

Smart Brevity: The Power of Saying More with Less Hardcover

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Name Of BookSmart Brevity: The Power of Saying More with Less Hardcover
Authorby Jim VandeHei (Author), Mike Allen (Author), Roy Schwartz (Author)

Minimum order quantity: 1 Piece

Brevity is confidence. Length is fear. This is the guiding principle of Smart Brevity, a communication formula built by Axios journalists to prioritize essential news and information, explain its impact and deliver it in a concise and visual format. Now, the co-founders of Axios have created an essential guide for communicating effectively and efficiently using Smart Brevity—think Strunk and White’s Elements of Style for the digital age.
In SMART BREVITY: The Power of Saying More with Less, Axios co-founders Jim VandeHei, Mike Allen, and Roy Schwartz teach readers how to say more with less in virtually any format. They also share communications lessons learned from their decades of experience in media, business and communications.

All in Good Time: Reflections of a Watchmaker Hardcover Book

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Book NameAll in Good Time: Reflections of a Watchmaker Hardcover Book
AuthorGeorge Daniels (Author)
PublisherPhilip Wilson Publishers

Minimum order quantity: 1 Piece

This book is the autobiography of George Daniels, acclaimed horologist and author of Watchmaking. In it, he discusses his humble upbringing and background, his first encounters with watches and time pieces, his passionate and persistent love of automobiles, and his technical contributions to modern horology, first and foremost amongst these, perhaps, his development of the co-axial escapement. All in Good Time provides an intimate and in-depth look at the life of one of Britain’s most important watchmakers

Krishna Gopeshvara Sanjay Dixit Paperback Book

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Name Of BookKrishna Gopeshvara Sanjay Dixit Paperback Book
AuthorSanjay Dixit (Author)
Calendar StandsMay 29, 2018
YearMay 29, 2018

Minimum order quantity: 1 Piece

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Quality Assurance in Higher Education in Eastern and Southern Africa Hardcover Book

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ClassHigher Education Text Book
Book NameQuality Assurance in Higher Education in Eastern and Southern Africa Hardcover Book
Binding TypeHard Bound
AuthorPeter Neema-Abooki
Number Of Pages314 Pages
Cover TypeHardcover
Publication YearMay 31, 2023

Minimum order quantity: 1 Piece

This book examines the critical aspect of quality assurance maintenance of competitive-standards in African higher education. It explores both the micro and macro-levels of continental African higher education regulatory authorities, and analyses different institutional, regional and national practices for moving towards continental quality assurance approaches.


Contributed to by scholars across Eastern and Southern Africa, the book considers conceptual, practical, epistemological and policy dimensions of quality and quality assurance, especially in relation to higher education in Africa. It therefore draws on research and local expertise to open up debate about how to assure and enhance the quality of higher education, providing a comprehensive review of eight countries and considers societal challenges. It aims to satisfy the need of more thoughtful and critical works on African education as produced by African educators. The uniqueness of this book lies in integrating both the theoretical and practical dimensions of quality to devise appropriate strategies for ensuring quality and standards in higher education in continental Africa and beyond.


This authoritative book advocates for a timely discussion around the prpvision of good quality higher education and research in African universities, and will be of great interest to academics, policy makers, researchers and post-graduate students in the fields of higher education, comparative education and African studies.

Behold the Beauty of the Lord: Praying With Icons Paperback Book

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AuthorHenri J. M. Nouwen (Author)
Page128 pages
PublicationAve Maria Press

Minimum order quantity: 1 Piece

This twentieth anniversary edition (more than 111,000 copies sold) brings Henri J.M. Nouwen's writings on Eastern Orthodox icons to a new generation and adds to the Nouwen collection published by Ave Maria Press. With a foreword by Br. Robert Lentz, a well-known painter of contemporary icons, this classic Nouwen book invites readers to pray with four Russian icons with their eyes open by emphasizing seeing or gazing, which are at the heart of Eastern spirituality. Nouwen's meditations reveal his viewing of the icons not as decorations, but holy places. The book includes four full-color icons, which can be removed for private contemplation or meditation.

Unclaimed Terrain BOOK PAPERBACK

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AuthorAjay Navaria
Name Of BookUnclaimed Terrain BOOK PAPERBACK

Minimum order quantity: 1 Piece

The Exercise of Freedom BOOK PAPERBACK

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Book NameThe Exercise of Freedom BOOK PAPERBACK

Minimum order quantity: 1 Piece


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