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Medical Terminology Systems: A Body Systems Approach Eighth Edition Paperback Book

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Name Of BookMedical Terminology Systems: A Body Systems Approach Eighth Edition Paperback Book
AuthorBarbara A. Gylys MEd CMA-A (AAMA) (Author), Mary Ellen Wedding MEd MT(ASCP) CMA (AAMA) (Author)
EditionEighth Edition
Published ByF.A. Davis Company
Book NameMedical Terminology Systems: A Body Systems Approach Eighth Edition Paperback Book
Pages744 pages
YearApril 26, 2017
kg3.75 pounds

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Medical Language Lab for Medical Terminology Systems, 8th Edition

A word building and  body systems approach!

A true blend of words, art, and technology, Medical Terminology Systems + The Medical Language Lab work together to create an immersive, multimedia experience that tracks your progress until you’ve mastered the language of medicine.

Medical Terminology Systems, 8th Edition

You’ll begin by learning the parts of words roots, combining forms, suffixes, and prefixes. Then, use your understanding of word parts to learn medical terminology. Mnemonic devices and engaging, interactive activities make word-building fun and easy, ensuring you retain the information you need for success.

See what students are saying about the previous edition…

The Right Way to Learn Medical Terminology!“…if I had to be asked again to purchase this book I would do it all over again. Unlike most of my other textbooks that I bought throughout the school year that just sit in the back of my closet collecting dust once the class is over, this book, I still continue to use every day. It definitely helps me out in my anatomy classes and even in some of my biology classes too. Fantastic book!”—Taylor Berlinger

Worth the Purchase“I love this book a lot. I am currently using  [it] for my college course class on medical terminology. The illustrations are awesome and the breakdown of suffix and prefix format [are] as well.”—Jonnita

The Medical Language Lab

Online. Interactive. Progressive.

Based on proven language methodology, The MLL guides you step by step from basic through advanced levels of proficiency to become a confident medical language speaker.

A special code in the front of the book unlocks The MLL for you…including an ebook of the text and lecture videos.

Instructors can use it with their current learning management system or with its integrated grade book. They can also customize it to meet the needs of their course.

Essentials of Neonatal Ventilation Hardcover Book

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Name Of BookEssentials of Neonatal Ventilation Hardcover Book
AuthorRajiv PK (Editor), Satyan Lakshminrusimha (Editor), Dharmapuri Vidyasagar MD MSc (Editor)
EditionFirst Edition
Book NameEssentials of Neonatal Ventilation Hardcover Book

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This book is an outstanding attempt to standardize bedside neonatal respiratory care by the most researched authentic experts in the world. This involves more than sixty authors from the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, Spain, Italy, Germany, India, and UAE. The latest in the arena of neonatal ventilation which holds future promise has been incorporated in this book. The experts take you through a real-time progression of bedside ventilation practices, with the focus on pulmonary and neurological morbidity. The e-book has links to videos of critical chapters and lecture PPTs to give the intensivist a 360-degree understanding of the complexities of neonatal ventilation.

  1. First comprehensive bedside management book of a baby on assisted ventilation.


  • Latest evidence-based practices on noninvasive ventilation with protocols.


  • A bedside guide for neonatologists, fellows, residents, postgraduates, medical students, nurse practitioners, and respiratory therapists.


  • Management of assisted ventilation including high-frequency ventilation and NAVA.


  • Analysis and algorithmic approach to cardiac hemodynamics in respiratory distress.


  • Protocolized approaches to critical respiratory diseases of the newborn.


  • Ancillary services explained in detail like targeted ECHO, NIRS, and Graphics by experts.


  • Videos and lecture presentations by experts on SLI, CPAP, SNIPPV, NAVA, ECHO, and Graphics.

Superatoms: Principles, Synthesis and Applications 1st Edition

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Name Of BookSuperatoms: Principles, Synthesis and Applications 1st Edition
AuthorPuru Jena (Editor), Qiang Sun (Editor)
Edition1 St
Published ByWiley
Book NameSuperatoms: Principles, Synthesis and Applications 1st Edition

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Superatoms: Principles, Synthesis and Applications delivers an insightful and exciting exploration of an emerging subfield in cluster science, superatomic clusters and cluster assembled materials. The book presents discussions of the fundamentals of superatom chemistry and their application in catalysis, energy, materials science, and biomedical sciences.

Readers will discover the foundational significance of superatoms in science and technology and learn how they can serve as the building blocks of tailored materials, promising to usher in a new era in materials science. The book covers topics as varied as the thermal and thermoelectric properties of cluster-based materials and clusters for CO2 activation and conversion, before concluding with an incisive discussion of trends and directions likely to dominate the subject of superatoms in the coming years.

Readers will also benefit from the inclusion of:

  • A thorough introduction to the rational design of superatoms using electron-counting rules
  • Explorations of superhalogens, endohedrally doped superatoms and assemblies, and magnetic superatoms
  • A practical discussion of atomically precise synthesis of chemically modified superatoms
  • A concise treatment of superatoms as the building blocks of 2D materials, as well as superatom-based ferroelectrics and cluster-based materials for energy harvesting and storage

Perfect for academic researchers and industrial scientists working in cluster science, energy materials, thermoelectrics, 2D materials, and CO2 conversion, Superatoms: Principles, Synthesis and Applications will also earn a place in the libraries of interested professionals in chemistry, physics, materials science, and nanoscience.

Clinical Lymphatic Mapping in Gynecologic Cancers Hardcover

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Name Of BookClinical Lymphatic Mapping in Gynecologic Cancers Hardcover Book
AuthorCharles Levenback (Editor), Ate GJ van der Zee (Editor), Robert L. Coleman (Editor)
EditionSecond Edition
Published ByCRC Press
Book NameClinical Lymphatic Mapping in Gynecologic Cancers Hardcover Book

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Lymphatic mapping techniques have proven to be useful to the early detection and safe treatment of endometrial and cervical cancers; however, the techniques have much of value to offer for breast cancer also and particularly for vulvar cancer, where there has been an explosion of interest and research. In the new edition of Clinical Lymphatic Mapping of Gynecologic Cancers, the techniques are fully explained, with consideration of the latest developments and technologies.

Exploratory Data Analytics for Healthcare Hardcover book

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Name Of BookExploratory Data Analytics for Healthcare Hard cover Book
AuthorR. Lakshmana Kumar (Editor), R. Indrakumari (Editor), B. Balamurugan (Editor), Achyut Shankar (Edit
EditionFirst Edition
Published ByCRC Press
Book NameExploratory Data Analytics for Healthcare Hardcover Book
Pages292 pages
YearDecember 24, 2021
kg1.17 pounds

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Exploratory data analysis helps to recognize natural patterns hidden in the data. This book describes the tools for hypothesis generation by visualizing data through graphical representation and provides insight into advanced analytics concepts in an easy way.

The book addresses the complete data visualization technologies workflow, explores basic and high-level concepts of computer science and engineering in medical science, and provides an overview of the clinical scientific research areas that enables smart diagnosis equipment. It will discuss techniques and tools used to explore large volumes of medical data and offers case studies that focus on the innovative technological upgradation and challenges faced today.

The primary audience for the book includes specialists, researchers, graduates, designers, experts, physicians, and engineers who are doing research in this domain.

Additive Manufacturing of Polymers for Tissue Engineering: Fundamentals, Advancements Hardcover Book

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Name Of BookAdditive Manufacturing of Polymers for Tissue Engineering: Fundamentals, Advancements Hardcover Book
AuthorAtul Babbar (Herausgeber), Ranvijay Kumar (Herausgeber), Vikas Dhawan (Herausgeber), & 1 more
Published ByCRC Press
Book NameAdditive Manufacturing of Polymers for Tissue Engineering: Fundamentals, Advancements Hardcover Book
Pages170 pages
Year27 Sept. 2022
Size/Dimension15.6 x 1.47 x 23.39 cm

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Application of additive manufacturing and tissue engineering in the fields of science and technology enables the manufacturing of biocompatible, customized, reliable, and cost-effective parts, restoring the functionality of a failed human body part. This book offers a platform for recent breakthroughs in additive manufacturing related to biomedical applications.

This book highlights some of the top innovations and advances in additive manufacturing and processing technologies that are the future of the manufacturing industry while also presenting current challenges and opportunities regarding the choice of material. This book includes areas of applications such as surgical guides, tissue regeneration, artificial scaffolds, implants, and drug delivery and release. Throughout the book, an emphasis is placed on rapid tooling for engineering applications.

Additive Manufacturing of Polymers for Tissue Engineering: Fundamentals, Applications, and Future Advancements acts as a first-hand source of information for academic scholars and commercial manufacturers as they make strategic manufacturing and development plans.

Management of Soft Tissue Sarcoma Hardcover Book

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Name Of BookManagement of Soft Tissue Sarcoma Hardcover Book
AuthorMurray F. Brennan (Author), Cristina R. Antonescu (Author), Kaled M. Alektiar (Author), Robert G. M
EditionSecond Edition
Published BySpringer
Book NameManagement of Soft Tissue Sarcoma Hardcover Book
Pages415 Pages
Year2016 December 22
Size/Dimension6.1 x 0.9 x 9.2 inches

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Management of Soft Tissue Sarcoma, 2nd Edition provides the most comprehensive analysis of demographics and natural history currently available for these lesions, based on the authors’ experience with over 10,000 patients. Sections regarding radiation therapy not found in the previous text have been expanded, as have updates on molecular characteristics of sarcomas and chemotherapy studies published since the prior edition. Clinical and molecular diagnoses are addressed, and tumor histopathology is employed as the basis of treatment recommendations including surgery, radiation and systemic therapy. This is the first book to provide specific chemotherapy opinions for every sarcoma subtype. Written by four world-renowned experts, this book gives a practical, up-to-date approach to managing the many subtypes of adult soft tissue sarcoma.
Reviews from the first edition:
“This is an impressive book. Written by a surgeon, a pathologist and an oncologist, the book draws heavily on the Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center soft tissue sarcoma (STS) database. … it is a book that should be in the library of any sarcoma unit and will appeal to the sub-specialist in Orthopaedic Oncology.” (Robert U. Ashford, European Journal of Orthopaedic Surgery & Traumatology, Vol. 24, 2014)
“The book is laid out in 27 chapters, with an impressive inclusion of a wide array of sarcoma histology. One of the real strengths of the book is the quality and number of images, figures, tables, and graphs. … The overall outline of the text is well done. … This book is a unique and important addition to the sarcoma literature. … this edtion should find itself on every medical oncologist’s bookshelf … .” (Larry C. Daugherty and Sanjay P. Bagaria, Journal of Radiation Oncology, Vol. 3, 2014)

Felson's Principles of Chest Roentgenology, A Programmed Text Paperback Book

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Name Of BookFelson's Principles of Chest Roentgenology, A Programmed Text Paperback Book
AuthorLawrence R. Goodman MD FAAC (Author)
Edition4th Edition
Published ByElsevier
Book NameFelson's Principles of Chest Roentgenology, A Programmed Text Paperback Book
Pages288 pages
Year10 January 2015
Size/Dimension20 x 14 x 4 cm
kg584 g

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  • Quickly grasp the radiology fundamentals you need to know―including basic science, image interpretation, and terminology―with the popular "programmed learning" approach, which promotes fast learning and reference.


  • Discern the nuances between modalities by comparing CT and MR images as well as traditional radiographs.

SAQs for Dentistry Paperback Book

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Name Of BookSAQs for Dentistry Paperback Book
AuthorKathleen (Author)
Published ByThieme
Book NameSAQs for Dentistry Paperback Book
YearJanuary 1, 2016
kg1.1 pounds

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Brand New International Paper-back Edition Same as per description, **Economy edition, May have been printed in Asia with cover stating Not for sale in US. Legal to use despite any disclaimer on cover. Save Money. Contact us for any queries. Best Customer Support! All Orders shipped with Tracking Number

Textbook of Clinical Trials Hardcover Book

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Name Of BookTextbook of Clinical Trials Hardcover Book
AuthorDavid Machin (Author), Simon Day (Author), Sylvan Green (Author)
EditionSecond Edition
Published ByWiley India Pvt Ltd
Book NameTextbook of Clinical Trials Hardcover Book
Pages784 Pages
Year27 January 2010
Size/Dimension20 x 14 x 4 cm
kg500 g

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This new edition retains its original aim to be a major work giving detailed coverage of trial methodology in each significant area of medicine. The book's main concept is to describe the impact of clinical trials on the practice of medicine. It separates the information by therapeutic area because the impact of clinical trials, the problems encountered and the numbers of trials in existence vary tremendously from specialty to specialty. The sections provide a background to the disease area and general clinical trial methodology before concentrating on particular problems experienced in that area. Specific examples are used throughout to address these issues. The field of clinical trials research is rapidly expanding and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future. This new edition ensures that the text remains firmly up to date. Table of Contents:List of ContributorsPreface to Second EditionPreface the First EditionIntroductionCancerCardiologyDentistry and Oral Health CareDermatologyInfectious DiseasesOphthalmologyPsychiatryReproductive HealthSurgery and AnesthesiaOther ProceduresSpecial PopulationsIndex

Surgical Considerations for Osteoporosis, Osteopenia, and Vitamin D Deficiency Hardcover Book

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Name Of BookSurgical Considerations for Osteoporosis, Osteopenia, and Vitamin D Deficiency Hardcover Book
AuthorElsevier Clinics (Author)
Edition1st Edition
Published ByElsevier
Book NameSurgical Considerations for Osteoporosis, Osteopenia, and Vitamin D Deficiency Hardcover Book
YearApril 19, 2019
Size/Dimension7 x 0.5 x 10.1 inches
kg521 g

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This volume of Orthopedic Clinics will focus on Surgical Considerations for Osteoporosis, Osteopenia, and Vitamin D Deficiency. Edited by members of a distinguished editorial board from the Campbell Clinic. Each issue features articles from the key subspecialty areas of knee and hip, hand and wrist, shoulder and elbow, foot and ankle, pediatrics, and trauma. Topics discussed in the issue will include, but are not limited to: The Role of Vitamin D in Pediatric Orthopedics, Pediatric Orthopaedic Aspects of Osteogenesis Imperfecta (OI), Surgical considerations in the treatment of osteoporotic proximal humerus fractures, Surgical considerations in managing poor bone quality during arthroscopic rotator cuff repair, Surgical Considerations for Osteoporosis in Foot & Ankle surgery, and Surgical Considerations for Vitamin D Deficiency in Foot & Ankle surgery.

Kaplan's Clinical Hypertension Hardcover Book

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Name Of BookKaplan's Clinical Hypertension Hardcover Book
AuthorNorman M. Kaplan (Author), Ronald G. Victor MD (Author)
EditionEleventh Edition
Published ByLWW
Book NameKaplan's Clinical Hypertension Hardcover Book
Pages461 pages
YearOctober 16, 2014
Size/Dimension7.25 x 1 x 10 inches
kg1.9 pounds

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Selected as a 2023 Doody’s Core Title!

Accessible, evidence-based guidance on managing patients with hypertension.
Kaplan's Clinical Hypertension provides you with current, practical, evidence-based recommendations for preventing and treating all forms of hypertension. Integrating the latest basic science findings and clinical trial data, this 11th Edition enables you to put the latest approaches to work in managing your patients.

  • Comprehensive updates throughout place the most recent management recommendations at your fingertips.
  • Updated coverage brings you up to speed on the pathogenesis of hypertension and many other evolving areas.
  • Abundant algorithms and flow charts facilitate clinical decision-making.
  • An accessible, straightforward writing style and a user-friendly two-color design makes it easy to find and apply the information you need.
  • Full- text online access includes links to Pub Med for many key bibliographical references.
Now with the print edition, enjoy the bundled interactive eBook edition, offering tablet, smartphone, or online access to:
  • Complete content with enhanced navigation
  • A powerful search feature that pulls results from your notes, everything in the book, and even the web
  • Cross-linked pages, references, and more for easy navigation
  • Ability to highlight text for easier reference of key content
  • Ability to share notes with friends and colleagues
  • Ability to save your favorite content for future, quick reference

Cocktail Codex Fundamentals, Formulas, Evolutions Hardcover Book

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Name Of BookCocktail Codex: Fundamentals, Formulas, Evolutions A Cocktail Recipe Book Hardcover Book
AuthorAlex Day (Author), Nick Fauchald (Author), David Kaplan (Author)
Book NameCocktail Codex: Fundamentals, Formulas, Evolutions A Cocktail Recipe Book Hardcover Book
Calendar StandsOctober 30, 2018
YearOctober 30, 2018
Binding TypeHardcover
Pages320 pages

Minimum order quantity: 1 Piece

From the authors of the bestselling and genre-defining cocktail book Death & Co, Cocktail Codex is a comprehensive primer on the craft of mixing drinks that employs the authors’ unique “root cocktails” approach to give drink-makers of every level the tools to understand, execute, and improvise both classic and original cocktails.


“There are only six cocktails.” So say Alex Day, Nick Fauchald, and David Kaplan, the visionaries behind the seminal craft cocktail bar Death & Co. In Cocktail Codex, these experts reveal for the first time their surprisingly simple approach to mastering cocktails: the “root recipes,” six easily identifiable (and memorizable!) templates that encompass all cocktails: the old-fashioned, martini, daiquiri, sidecar, whisky highball, and flip. Once you understand the hows and whys of each “family,” you'll understand why some cocktails work and others don't, when to shake and when to stir, what you can omit and what you can substitute when you're missing ingredients, why you like the drinks you do, and what sorts of drinks you should turn to—or invent—if you want to try something new.
Praise for Cocktail Codex
“Learn the template, and any cocktail you can think of is within reach.”—Food & Wine

“Too bad all college textbooks weren’t this much fun.”—Garden & Gun

“A must for amateur and pro mixologists alike.”—Chicago Tribune
“If Dora the Explorer turned twenty-one, split herself into three people, and decided to write the Magna Carta of booze books, this would be the result. And, unlike every other book you’ll read this year, Cocktail Codex is packed with actual knowledge you can use in the real world. Please, please, can Cinema Codex be next?”—Steven Soderbergh, filmmaker

Linear Algebra 2e Paperback Book

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Book NameLinear Algebra 2e Paperback Book
AuthorKenneth M Hoffman (Author)
ClassHigher Education Text Book
PublicationPrentice Hall India Learning Private Limited

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This introduction to linear algebra features intuitive introductions and examples to motivate important ideas and to illustrate the use of results of theorems.

Introduction to Electrodynamics Fourth Edition By Pearson Paperback Book

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Name Of BookIntroduction to Electrodynamics Fourth Edition By Pearson Paperback Book
AuthorDavid J. Griffiths (Author)
EditionFourth Edition
Published ByPearson Education India Learning Private Limited
Pages624 pages
Year1 January 2015
Size/Dimension20.3 x 25.4 x 4.7 cm
kg100 g

Minimum order quantity: 1 Piece

The book is a very useful comprehensive textbooks for students who are studying Electrodynamics. Divided into numerous sections, this book comprises of certain useful discussions on experiments, theory and history pertaining to Electrodynamics.

The explanations on different theories and equations in Electrodynamics have been written in simple and easy-to-understand content. This makes the understanding easier and interesting for the students. With the help of illustration and pictures, the topics have been made all the easier for the students to grasp easily. Students find this book most helpful and interesting due to the design of the content, which has been well-researched and nicely presented.

Concepts have been unified wherever required, and the students have been presented with a bigger picture. Students who are looking for motivation for the subject may use this book as a handy guide and ready reference. The book covers all the important chapters in magnetism and electricity. The chapters of magneto statics, magnetic fields, radiation, electrostatics, electric fields and relativistic electrodynamics have been covered in detail.

The book is kept concise with the main points being clearly highlighted in every chapter. Unlike other books, students do not just get formulae in this book; instead, they also get detailed explanations and are warned of pitfalls, too. The book has been written by David J. Griffiths, who is a very respected name in the field of Electrodynamics.

About the Author

David J. Griffiths (born 1942) is a U.S. physicist and educator. He worked at Reed College from 1978 through 2009, becoming the Howard Vollum Professor of Science before his retirement. He is principally known as the author of three highly regarded textbooks for undergraduate physics students: Introduction to Elementary Particles (published in 1987, second edition published 2008), Introduction to Quantum Mechanics (published in 1995, second edition published 2004), and Introduction to Electrodynamics (published in 1981, fourth edition published in 2012).

The World of Warcraft Pop-Up Book Hardcover Book

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Name Of BookThe World of Warcraft Pop-Up Book Hardcover Book
AuthorMatthew Reinhart (Compiler)
Book NameThe World of Warcraft Pop-Up Book Hardcover Book
Calendar StandsOctober 21, 2019
YearOctober 21, 2019
Binding TypeHardcover
Pages13 pages

Minimum order quantity: 1 Piece

Choose your faction, pick your weapon, and prepare for an astonishing vision of the world of Azeroth like you’ve never seen before!

Built by best-selling paper engineer Matthew Reinhardt, the World of Warcraft Pop- Up Book brings the most well-loved locations of Warcraft to life, from the classic faction hubs of Orgrimmar and Stormwind, to the battle-scarred lands of Lordaeron and Teldrassil, and even the new capital cities of Kul Tiras and Zandalar! Each page unfolds into an eye-popping treat, depicting iconic locations with brand-new art in interactive ways that you’ve never seen before. Unfold each individual spread to form a map of Azeroth!

The Food Book Hardcover Book

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Name Of BookThe Food Book Hardcover Book
AuthorSubah Saraf (Author)
Book NameThe Food Book Hardcover Book
Calendar Stands10 January 2022
Year10 January 2022
Binding TypeHardcover
Pages180 pages

Minimum order quantity: 1 Piece

This book is a food guide containing timeless knowledge of healing the body with plant-based food, without any medicine. This book contains over 45 plant based Satvic healing recipes curated by author Subah Saraf, including detox salads, healing soups, and classic Indian cuisine such as Satvic chapati, Satvic khichadi and Satvic sabzi. All recipes are free from refined oil, sugar, pungent spices, milk & milk products, and processed foods. They are made using ingredients straight from nature, the way you find them in nature. Packed with beautiful photography, the Satvic Food Book invites you to change your relationship with food and radically enhance your health, digestion, radiance, and bliss. Apart from the recipes, the book also contains: - 21 Satvic Food Laws (rules to remember while Satvic cooking) - Guide to setup your Satvic Kitchen (shopping lists, equipment needed) - Meal Plans for disease reversal

Aicte Recommended Computer Organization Architecture Performance Pearson Paperback Book

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Book NameAicte Recommended Computer Organization Architecture Performance Pearson Paperback Book
AuthorStallings (Author)
ClassHigher class Education Text Book
Number Of Pages864 pages
PublicationPearson Education India
BindingPaperback Book
Weight967 g
I Deal InNew Only

Minimum order quantity: 1 Piece

With clear, concise and easy-to-read material, the tenth edition of Computer Organization and Architecture is a user-friendly source for students studying computers. Subjects such as I/O functions and structures, RISC and parallel processors have been integrated with real-world examples throughout. Using brand new material and strengthened pedagogy, this text ensures that students are effectively engaged in the world of computer organization and architecture. 1. Chapter on GPUs (General Purpose Computing on Graphics Processing Units), highlighting one of the most important new developments in computer science 2. Heterogeneous Multicore Processors are surveyed in a new section of the text 3. Embedded Systems and Microcontrollers overview has been greatly expanded and revised 4. Cloud Computing is newly discussed in the text 5. System Performance issues coverage has been revised, expanded and reorganized for a clearer and more thorough treatment throughout the text 6. Flash Memory coverage has been revised and expanded with new information, including a new discussion of technology and organization of flash memory for internal and external memory 7. Nonvolatile RAM technologies like STT-RAM, PCRAM and ReRAM are newly covered 8. Intel Core Microarchitecture continues to be used as a major example throughout with information reflecting newer Intel systems such as Intel Core Microarchitecture Part One: Overview Chapter 1: Basic Concepts and Computer Evolution Chapter 2: Performance Issues Part Two: The Computer System Chapter 3: A Top-Level View of Computer Function and Interconnection Chapter 4: Cache Memory Chapter 5: Internal Memory Technology Chapter 6: External Memory Chapter 7: Input/Output Chapter 8: Operating System Support Part Three: Arithmetic and Logic Chapter 9: Number Systems Chapter 10: Computer Arithmetic Chapter 11: Digital Logic Part Four: The Central Processing Unit Chapter 12: Instruction Sets: Characteristics and Functions Chapter 13: Instruction Sets: Addressing Modes and Formats Chapter 14: Processor Structure and Function Chapter 15: Reduced Instruction Set Computers (RISCs) Chapter 16: Instruction-Level Parallelism and Superscalar Processors Part Five: Parallel Organization Chapter 17: Parallel Processing Chapter 18: Multicore Computers Chapter 19: General-Purpose Graphic Processing Units Part Six: The Control Unit Chapter 20: Control Unit Operation Chapter 21: Microprogrammed Control

Bank 4.0: Banking Everywhere, Never at a Bank Hardcover Book

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Book NameBank 4.0: Banking Everywhere, Never at a Bank Hardcover Book
AuthorBrett King (Author)
ClassHigher Education Text Book
EditionFirst Edition
Weight544 g
Binding TypeHardcover
Dimension16.26 x 4.06 x 23.37 cm
Number Of Pages352 pages

Minimum order quantity: 1 Piece

Winner of best book by a foreign author (2019) at the Business Book of the Year Award organised by PwC RussiaThe future of banking is already here — are you ready? Bank 4. 0 explores the radical transformation already taking place in banking, and follows it to its logical conclusion. What will banking look like in 30 years? 50 years? The world’s best banks have been forced to adapt to changing consumer behaviors; regulators are rethinking friction, licensing and regulation; Fintech start-ups and tech giants are redefining how banking fits in the daily life of consumers. To survive, banks are having to develop new capabilities, new jobs and new skills. The future of banking is not just about new thinking around value stores, payment and credit utility — it’s embedded in voice-based smart assistants like Alexa and Siri and soon smart glasses which will guide you on daily spending and money decisions. The coming Bank 4. 0 era is one where either your bank is embedded in your world via tech, or it no longer exists. In this final volume in Brett King’s BANK series, we explore the future of banks amidst the evolution of technology and discover a revolution already at work. From re-engineered banking systems, to selfie-pay and self-driving cars, Bank 4. 0 proves that we’re not on Wall Street anymore. Bank 4. 0 will help you: Understand the historical precedents that flag a fundamental rethinking in banking Discover low-friction, technology experiences that undermine the products we sell today Think through the evolution of identity, value and assets as cash and cards become obsolete Learn how Fintech and tech “disruptors” are using behaviour, psychology and technology to reshape the economics of banking Examine the ways in which blockchain, A. I. , augmented reality and other leading-edge tech are the real building blocks of the future of banking systems If you look at individual technologies or startups disrupting the space, you might miss the biggest signposts to the future and you might also miss that most of we’ve learned about banking the last 700 years just isn’t useful. When the biggest bank in the world isn’t any of the names you’d expect, when branch networks are a burden not an asset, and when advice is the domain of Artificial Intelligence, we may very well have to start from scratch. Bank 4. 0 takes you to a world where banking will be instant, smart and ubiquitous, and where you’ll have to adapt faster than ever before just to survive. Welcome to the future.

Creating the Twentieth Century: Technical Innovations of 1867-1914 Hardcover Book

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Book NameCreating the Twentieth Century: Technical Innovations of 1867-1914 and Their Lasting Impact
AuthorVaclav Smil (Author)
PublisherOUP USA
ClassHigher Education Text Book
EditionIllustrated edition
Weight626 g
Binding TypeHardcover
Number Of Pages368 pages

Minimum order quantity: 1 Piece

The period between 1867 and 1914 remains the greatest watershed in human history since the emergence of settled agricultural societies: the time when an expansive civilization based on synergy of fuels, science, and technical innovation was born. At its beginnings in the 1870s were dynamite, the telephone, photographic film, and the first light bulbs. Its peak decade - the astonishing 1880s - brought electricity - generating plants, electric motors, steam turbines, the gramophone, cars, aluminum production, air-filled rubber tires, and prestressed concrete. And its post-1900 period saw the first airplanes, tractors, radio signals and plastics, neon lights and assembly line production. This book is a systematic interdisciplinary account of the history of this outpouring of European and American intellect and of its truly epochal consequences. It takes a close look at four fundamental classes of these epoch-making innovations: formation, diffusion, and standardization of electric
systems; invention and rapid adoption of internal combustion engines; the unprecedented pace of new chemical syntheses and material substitutions; and the birth of a new information age. These chapters are followed by an evaluation of the lasting impact these advances had on the 20th century, that is, the creation of high-energy societies engaged in mass production aimed at improving standards of living.

Ottolenghi Simple: A Cookbook Hardcover Book

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GenreSelf Help
Name Of BookOttolenghi Simple: A Cookbook Hardcover Book
AuthorYotam Ottolenghi (Author)
Book NameOttolenghi Simple: A Cookbook Hardcover Book
Calendar StandsOctober 16, 2018
YearOctober 16, 2018
Binding TypeHardcover
Pages320 pages

Minimum order quantity: 1 Piece

JAMES BEARD AWARD FINALIST • The New York Times bestselling collection of 130 easy, flavor-forward recipes from beloved chef Yotam Ottolenghi.

In Ottolenghi Simple, powerhouse author and chef Yotam Ottolenghi presents 130 streamlined recipes packed with his signature Middle Eastern–inspired flavors, all simple in at least (and often more than) one way: made in 30 minutes or less, with 10 or fewer ingredients, in a single pot, using pantry staples, or prepared ahead of time for brilliantly, deliciously simple meals. Brunch gets a make-over with Braised Eggs with Leeks and Za’atar; Cauliflower, Pomegranate, and Pistachio Salad refreshes the side-dish rotation; Lamb and Feta Meatballs bring ease to the weeknight table; and every sweet tooth is sure to be satisfied by the spectacular Fig and Thyme Clafoutis. With more than 130 photographs, this is elemental Ottolenghi for everyone.

Competing in the New World of Work Hardcover Book

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Name Of BookCompeting in the New World of Work Hardcover Book
AuthorKeith Ferrazzi (Author), Kian Gohar (Author), Noel Weyrich (Author)
Book NameCompeting in the New World of Work Hardcover Book
Binding TypeHardcover

Minimum order quantity: 1 Piece

A Wall Street Journal bestseller


The #1 New York Times bestselling author on how to use radical adaptability to win in a world of unprecedented change.

You've shed antiquated systems and processes. You went all-in on digital. Your teams settled into new, often better, ways of doing things. But did your organization change enough to stay competitive in the post-pandemic world? Did you fully leverage the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to leap forward and grow stronger? Are you shaping the new environment to your advantage?

If not, it's not too late to learn from the best.

New York Times #1 bestselling author Keith Ferrazzi, along with coauthors Kian Gohar and Noel Weyrich, shows leaders how to shape their organizations and practices to remain competitive in a new, post-pandemic context. Based on an ambitious global research initiative involving thousands of executives, innovators, and changemakers who redefined their strategies, business models, organizational systems, and even their cultures, Competing in the New World of Work:

  • Offers a bold new vision for the organization of the future
  • Reveals the workplace innovations that emerged during the pandemic
  • Defines the new model of leadership—radical adaptability—for sustaining continuous change throughout the coming years of opportunity and transformation


Competing in the New World of Work is both your inspiration and your road map to embracing new realities, motivating talent, and winning bold frontiers.

The Entrepreneur Who Built Modern Japan: Shibusawa Eiichi Hardcover Book

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GenrePenetrating Biography of Shibusawa Eiichi
Name Of BookThe Entrepreneur Who Built Modern Japan: Shibusawa Eiichi Hardcover Book
AuthorShimada Masakazu (Author)
Book NameThe Entrepreneur Who Built Modern Japan: Shibusawa Eiichi Hardcover Book
Calendar StandsMarch 27, 2017
YearMarch 27, 2017
Binding TypeHardcover
Pages196 pages

Minimum order quantity: 1 Piece

In this penetrating biography of Shibusawa Eiichi (1840-1931), one of Japan's foremost entrepreneurs, Shimada Masakazu traces Shibusawa's youth, when he witnessed the decay of Japan's feudal society and experienced the benefits of modernization at first hand in Europe; his service in the Ministry of Finance of the new Meiji government in its early years; and his venture into business and involvement in literally hundreds of companies as he set about building the roots of modern corporate Japan. Shimada also looks closely at Shibusawa's social activities and his insistence that economics and morals are inseparable. In troubled times like the present, when the limits of capitalism are being seen around the world, Shibusawa's vision is as relevant as ever.

Blindspot: Hidden Biases of Good People Paperback Book

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Book NameBlindspot: Hidden Biases of Good People Paperback Book
AuthorMahzarin R Banaji (Author)
PublisherRandom House
ClassHigher Education Text Book
EditionReprint edition
Weight204 g
Binding TypePaperback
Number Of Pages272 pages

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Prejudice is generally thought to be a conscious, if malevolent, phenomenon, something that can be overcome. Not so, according to leading psychologists Banaji and Greenwald. As the creators of numerous groundbreaking studies, they show that whether we believe it or not, prejudice and unconscious biases toward others are a fundamental part of the human psyche. This is an accessible and groundbreaking look at the science of prejudice and how we can learn and grow from better understanding our biases.

Radical Candor Hardcover Book

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Name Of BookRadical Candor Hardcover Book
AuthorKim Scott (Author)
EditionUpdated Edition
Published BySt. Martin's Press
Pages336 pages
Year1 October 2019
Size/Dimension16.38 x 2.92 x 24.38 cm
kg535 g

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* New York Times and Wall Street Journal bestseller multiple years running* Translated into 20 languages, with more than half a million copies sold worldwide* A Hudson and Indigo Best Book of the Year* Recommended by Shona Brown, Rachel Hollis, Jeff Kinney, Daniel Pink, Sheryl Sandberg, and Gretchen RubinRadical Candor has been embraced around the world by leaders of every stripe at companies of all sizes. Now a cultural touchstone, the concept has come to be applied to a wide range of human relationships.The idea is simple: You don't have to choose between being a pushover and a jerk. Using Radical Candor―avoiding the perils of Obnoxious Aggression, Manipulative Insincerity, and Ruinous Empathy―you can be kind and clear at the same time.Kim Scott was a highly successful leader at Google before decamping to Apple, where she developed and taught a management class. Since the original publication of Radical Candor in 2017, Scott has earned international fame with her vital approach to effective leadership and co-founded the Radical Candor executive education company, which helps companies put the book's philosophy into practice.Radical Candor is about caring personally and challenging directly, about soliciting criticism to improve your leadership and also providing guidance that helps others grow. It focuses on praise but doesn't shy away from criticism―to help you love your work and the people you work with. Radically Candid relationships with team members enable bosses to fulfill their three core responsibilities:1. Create a culture of Compassionate Candor2. Build a cohesive team3. Achieve results collaborativelyRequired reading for the most successful organizations, Radical Candor has raised the bar for management practices worldwide. 

Excellence Now: Extreme Humanism Hardcover Book

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Name Of BookExcellence Now: Extreme Humanism Hardcover Book
AuthorTom Peters (Author)
Book NameExcellence Now: Extreme Humanism Hardcover Book
Calendar StandsMarch 30, 2021
YearMarch 30, 2021
Binding TypeHardcover
Pages307 pages

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"What you are doing right now will be the hallmark of your entire career."

That is what Tom Peters is insisting about the critical nature of leadership in current conditions. During these tumultuous times of socio-political unrest and global pandemic, Tom continues to demand deep engagement, human connection, and, yes, EXCELLENCE. Tom Peters is a New York Times bestselling author and business speaker. His previous 18 books have been cornerstones of management lessons from business schools to boardrooms. With Excellence Now: Extreme Humanism, Tom sets an even higher bar.

Tom's bold insights are based on decades of research and on-the-ground, steely observations. Fans will once again find themselves immersed in a rich world of people-first wisdom. Excellence Now: Extreme Humanism powerfully delivers the management and leadership direction for how to move forward in a world turned upside down.

Including sections on:

  • Excellence Is the Next Five Minutes
  • Extreme Sustainability
  • A Bold Social Media Strategy
  • Women Buy Everything. “Oldies” Have All the Money
  • Leading with Compassion and Care

"Writing with his characteristic insight, vigor, and compassion, Tom Peters has given us the book we need now," -Susan Cain.

“Excellence is Tom Peters’ game. And this is his playbook. Part call-to-arms, part business book, part love letter, but mostly a plea to do the really hard thing of putting people first," -Whitney Johnson.

“Tom’s brilliant OPUS should not only be read and reread but tucked under your pillow at night, so these ideas seep in and guide our every behavior throughout our lives,” -Jeanne Bliss

Diamonds in the Dust: Consistent Compounding for Extraordinary Wealth Creation Hardcover Book

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Name Of BookDiamonds in the Dust: Consistent Compounding for Extraordinary Wealth Creation Hardcover Book
AuthorSalil Desai (Author)
Published ByIndia Portfolio
Pages256 pages
YearJanuary 1, 2022
Size/Dimension8.5 x 5.31 x 0.83 inches
kg12 ounces

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Over the last few years, there has been a growing realization among Indians that their life's savings, the bulk of which are parked in physical assets like real estate and gold, are unlikely to help them generate sufficient returns to fund their financial goals, including retirement. At the same time, many have lost their hard-earned money trying to invest in financial assets, including debt and equities. Such losses have occurred due to many reasons, such as corporate frauds, weak business models and misallocation of capital by the companies in whose shares unsuspecting investors parked their savings. What options do Indian savers then have to invest in, and build their wealth?
Diamonds in the Dust offers Indian savers a simple, yet highly effective, investment technique to identify clean, well-managed Indian companies that have consistently generated outsized returns for investors. Based on in-depth research conducted by the award-winning team at Marcellus Investment Managers, it uses case studies and charts to help readers learn the art and science of investing in the US$3 trillion Indian stock market. The book also debunks many notions of investing that have emerged from the misguided application of Western investment theories in the Indian context. Vital and indispensable, this book will serve as the ultimate manual on investing and provide practical counsel to readers to achieve their financial goals.

Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health Hardcover Book

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Name Of BookDianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health Hardcover Book
Published ByBridge Publications Inc
Book NameDianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health Hardcover Book
AuthorL. Ron Hubbard (Author)
EditionFirst Edition
Pages680 pages
Year1 July 2007
Number Of Pages680 pages
Binding TypeHardcover
Weight1 kg 300 g
kg1 kg 300 g

Minimum order quantity: 1 Piece

It s the all-time bestseller on the human mind and contains the discovery and full description of the source of your nightmares, unreasonable fears, upsets and insecurities the Reactive Mind.

Topology 2/E Damage Paperback Book

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Book NameTopology 2/E Damage Paperback Book
AuthorMunkres (Author)
ClassHigher Education Text book
PublicationPearson Education India

Minimum order quantity: 1 Piece

For a senior undergraduate or first year graduate-level course in Introduction to Topology. Appropriate for a one-semester course on both general and algebraic topology or separate courses treating each topic separately. This text is designed to provide instructors with a convenient single text resource for bridging between general and algebraic topology courses. Two separate, distinct sections (one on general, point set topology, the other on algebraic topology) are each suitable for a one-semester course and are based around the same set of basic, core topics. Optional, independent topics and applications can be studied and developed in depth depending on course needs and preferences.

Physical Chemistry: A Molecular Approach Paperback Book

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Name Of BookPhysical Chemistry: A Molecular Approach Paperback Book
AuthorDonald A. McQuarrie (Author)
EditionFirst Edition
Published ByViva Books
Pages1296 Pages
YearJanuary 1, 2011
Size/Dimension0.79 x 5.51 x 8.66 inches
kg3.17 pounds

Minimum order quantity: 1 Piece

As the first modern physical chemistry textbook to cover quantum mechanics before thermodynamics and kinetics, this book provides a contemporary approach to the study of physical chemistry. By beginning with quantum chemistry, students will learn the fundamental principles upon which all modern physical chemistry is built. The text includes a special set of "Math Chapters" to review and summarize the mathematical tools required to master the material. Thermodynamics is simultaneously taught from a bulk and microscopic viewpoint that enables the student to understand how bulk properties of materials are related to the properties of individual constituent molecules. This new text includes a variety of modern research topics in physical chemistry as well as hundreds of worked problems and examples.

Abstract Intersections A poetic journey through mathematics Paperback Book

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Name Of BookAbstract Intersections A poetic journey through mathematics Paperback Book
AuthorKedar Hardikar (Author)
Calendar StandsNovember 3, 2020
YearNovember 3, 2020

Minimum order quantity: 1 Piece

Against the intricate backdrop of mathematics, Abstract Intersections stages a radically new portrayal of human emotions in the theater of life. Forged from passionate life experiences and the arduous journey of experiential mathematical learning, these poems lie at an unexpected crossroads: one which challenges the notion of separation between the intellectual stimulus provided by mathematics and experiences provoking deeply felt emotions. Placing a “favorite color” on a different footing than a “favorite mathematical object” is a controversy rather than an accepted reality in these verses. With topics ranging from elementary mathematics to advanced concepts from abstract algebra, statistics, real and complex analysis, and topology, these poems delineate the powerful emotions evoked throughout the experiential learning of celebrated theorems and concepts in mathematics. Using the language of mathematics, these poems take the reader through a surprising range of emotions and provoke deep philosophical contemplation. With mathematical and emotional context provided by the author for each poem, this poetry book caters to a wide audience, from the average intellectually curious high schooler, to seasoned members of the scientific community. A unique literary experiment, cloaked in philosophical revelation and shaped by mathematical insights, Abstract Intersections provides a profoundly original alternative in facing the challenges of life and mathematics, one where each is mirrored in the other.

Pass the Pig: Leadership by Attraction Paperback Book

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Name Of BookPass the Pig: Leadership by Attraction Paperback Book
AuthorAnne Lakusta (Author),Jeff Lakusta (Author)
Calendar StandsDecember 24,2020
YearDecember 24,2020

Minimum order quantity: 1 Piece

Wall Street Journal Bestseller

USA Today Bestseller

Forcing people and results is less effective than attracting them. Leadership by Attraction embraces the reality that people work for their own dreams and are increasingly likely to pursue them elsewhere if necessary. Learn to maximize your attraction by focusing on the areas that matter most:

- Make it Clear
- Make it Fun
- Make it Yours
- Make it Theirs
- Make it Happen

The Pigs get in your way. They snort and squeal for attention, distract, confuse, and diminish your ability to attract your people and results. Maximize your Leadership by Attraction and learn to Pass the Pig.

Anne Lakusta is a business leader, motivational teacher, avid real estate investor, serial entrepreneur, leadership coach, nine-year veteran of elected office, blessed cancer survivor, chronic volunteer, mom, grandma… and constant storyteller!

She's spent years studying—and living—leadership and the power of influence in business, politics, and our everyday lives. As we face an epidemic of loneliness and confusion about the definition of leadership, finding your passion, building your team, and helping others find the ways in which they matter has never been more relevant. The need for leaders who take others with them is more pressing now than ever.

Pass the Pig: Leadership by Attraction presents the challenges most likely to impede our progress - our "pigs" - along with strategies to overcome them.

Introduction to Cryptography with Coding Theory Paperback Book

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Book NameIntroduction to Cryptography with Coding Theory Paperback Book
AuthorTrappe (Author)
ClassHigher Education Text Book
Size7.99 x 10 x 1.85 inches

Minimum order quantity: 1 Piece

Description With its lively,conversational tone and practical focus, this new edition mixesapplied and theoretical aspects for a solid introduction tocryptography and security, including the latest significantadvancements in the field. For Sale in Indiansubcontinent only Balances applied and theoretical aspects of security ? Presents applications and protocols where cryptographic primitives are used in practice, such as SET and SSL. Coverage of Rijndael and AES ? Provides a detailed explanation of AES, which has replaced Feistel-based ciphers (DES) as the standard block cipher algorithm. Coverage of practical applications of cryptography to security protocols ? Connects the cryptographic tools developed earlier in the book to the building of real security tools, demonstrating to students that there is more to security and cryptography than just math. Friendly, story-like discussion of security concepts ? Uses historical examples to illustrate the concepts of security and cryptanalysis by relating theory to easier-to-grasp events. Modern methods such as Elliptic curves, Lattice methods, and Quantum Techniques ? Provides thorough coverage of topics that are becoming increasingly prominent in the field. Major coverage of coding theory ? Offers a discussion of coding theory, which is often covered in today's cryptology courses. Numerous example calculations ? Includes many examples, especially in purely mathematical chapters such as Ch. 3. Public key certificate ? Provides an example of what an actual public key certificate looks like, rather than just describing it. Mathematica/Maple/Matlab problems and notebooks ? Allow students to work with realistic sized examples in RSA and Digital Signatures, as well as classical cryptosystems and those with elliptic curves. Practical examples and applications ? Give students hands-on experience with the large-numbered cryptography of today's security systems, and provides a discussion of security protocols. Overview

Nano-Technological Intervention in Agricultural Productivity Hardcover Book

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Name Of BookNano-Technological Intervention in Agricultural Productivity Hardcover Book
AuthorJavid A. Parray (Author), Mohammad Yaseen Mir (Author), Nowsheen Shameem (Author)
Edition1st edition
Published ByWiley
Pages208 pages
YearJuly 13, 2021
Book CoverHardcover
Book TypesNano-Technological Intervention in Agricultural Productivity Hardcover Book
Size/Dimension6.69 x 0.64 x 9.61 inches
kg539 g

Minimum order quantity: 1 Piece

Provides detailed information about the use of nanotechnology in remediating waste and pollution in agriculture 

Nano-Technological Intervention in Agricultural Productivity explores sustainable, eco-friendly technologies for remediating wastes and contaminated areas in both water and land ecosystems. Focusing on nano-technological innovations that use microbes and microbial agents to improve the quality and pollutant discharge of contaminated sites, this comprehensive volume also discusses molecular approaches for the characterization of nanoparticles, the biosynthetic pathways of microbes, gene and protein expression studies for bio-deterioration techniques, and more. 

Organized into nine chapters, the book opens with a thorough overview of the functions, classification, properties, synthesis, and applications of nanoparticles. Following a discussion of the environmental and agricultural implications of nanotechnology, the authors examine the current role and future prospects of nanotechnology in managing plant diseases, improving agri-food production, and increasing agricultural productivity. Subsequent chapters cover lignin nanoparticles, various applications of nanotechnology in agriculture, and nano-based advances in plant and microbial science. Offering an up-to-date account of the role of nanotechnologies in agricultural bioremediation, this book: 

  • Explores biotechnological advances in the development of sophisticated green technologies for waste minimization and waste control 
  • Emphasizes the use of microbes for degradation and removal of various xenobiotic substances 
  • Discusses bioremediation approaches in relation to the impact of increased urbanization and industrialization on the environment 
  • Covers a variety of applications of nanotechnology in agriculture, including nano-fertilizers, nano-biosensors, nano-pesticides, and nanoparticle protection in plants 

Nano-Technological Intervention in Agricultural Productivity is a valuable resource for students in plant biotechnology and agricultural science and engineering, as well as an important reference for researchers in plant biotechnology and agricultural sciences, particularly those with interest in the use of nanomaterials for pollution remediation and sustainable development. 

Guidelines for Handling Molten Aluminum Fourth Edition - 2016 Paperback Book

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Name Of BookGuidelines for Handling Molten Aluminum Fourth Edition - 2016 Paperback Book
AuthorGerardus Blokdyk (Author)
Calendar StandsAugust 19, 2021
YearAugust 19, 2021

Minimum order quantity: 1 Piece

Are detailed records of fixed assets and the related accumulated depreciation maintained?

Are records of telephone calls and other patient contacts on past due accounts maintained?

Are there any grounds on which the client can credibly dispute the debt or any part of it?

Do the providers and staff trust the care manager to do the specified tasks in that role?

Does the system accommodate electronic filing of claims and electronic remittance posting?

Does your practice have experience with creating a positive, change oriented team culture?

How does your organization go about establishing change as a normality within its culture?

How much cash will you put into the project, including design, legal and accounting fees?

Is digging through endless unsecured emails the best way to communicate with your clients?

Is it clear which aspects of the project are of most interest to a particular stakeholder?

This Practice management Guide is unlike books you're used to. If you're looking for a textbook, this might not be for you. This book and its included digital components is for you who understands the importance of asking great questions. This gives you the questions to uncover the Practice management challenges you're facing and generate better solutions to solve those problems.

Defining, designing, creating, and implementing a process to solve a challenge or meet an objective is the most valuable role… In EVERY group, company, organization and department.

Unless you're talking a one-time, single-use project, there should be a process. That process needs to be designed by someone with a complex enough perspective to ask the right questions. Someone capable of asking the right questions and step back and say, 'What are we really trying to accomplish here? And is there a different way to look at it?'

This Self-Assessment empowers people to do just that - whether their title is entrepreneur, manager, consultant, (Vice-)President, CxO etc... - they are the people who rule the future. They are the person who asks the right questions to make Practice management investments work better.

This Practice management All-Inclusive Self-Assessment enables You to be that person.

INCLUDES all the tools you need to an in-depth Practice management Self-Assessment. Featuring new and updated case-based questions, organized into seven core levels of Practice management maturity, this Self-Assessment will help you identify areas in which Practice management improvements can be made.

In using the questions you will be better able to:

Diagnose Practice management projects, initiatives, organizations, businesses and processes using accepted diagnostic standards and practices.

Implement evidence-based best practice strategies aligned with overall goals.

Integrate recent advances in Practice management and process design strategies into practice according to best practice guidelines.

Using the Self-Assessment tool gives you the Practice management Scorecard, enabling you to develop a clear picture of which Practice management areas need attention.


Your purchase includes access to the Practice management self-assessment digital components which gives you your dynamically prioritized projects-ready tool that enables you to define, show and lead your organization exactly with what's important.

Evaluating Trade and Economic Relations Between India and Southeast Asia Hardcover Book

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Book NameEvaluating Trade and Economic Relations Between India and Southeast Asia Hardcover Book
AuthorAnita Medhekar (Editor), Harpreet Kaur (Editor)
PublisherBusiness Science Reference
ClassHigher Education Text Book
Weight635 g
Binding TypeHardcover

Minimum order quantity: 1 Piece

Owing to a strong cultural and historical bond, India and Southeast Asia have progressed rapidly. Though there are political and ideological differences between these two entities, it may not hamper the strong bond as there are many common shared values among these nations. The history of these nations identifies that the cooperation between them in terms of trade and commerce is not upheld per the given potential of these nations. In the past, the Indian economy was linked with Southeast Asian countries under the "Look East" policy, which has been re-energized again under the present government. Now, the "Look East" policy is practically more vibrant than ever before with the motto "Act East." This policy facilitates these countries in emphasizing the importance of better regional connectivity for tourism as well as robust trade and commerce. It leads to a phenomenal growth in terms of imports and exports for these countries. Evaluating Trade and Economic Relations Between India and Southeast Asia sheds light on the trade and economic linkages between India and Southeast Asia and their impact on the nations in the past, present, and for the future. The chapters study whether the win-win strategy works for the strengthening of these countries in terms of both trade relations and political integrity, as well as in facing common enemies across international boundaries. Some of the topics covered include food security, tourism opportunities, trade blocs, trade relations, and economic relations between countries. This book is a valuable reference tool for economists, government officials, policymakers, trade analysts, practitioners, researchers, academicians, and students interested in the policies and relations between India and Southeast Asia that affect trade and the economy.

AICTE Recommended RF Microelectronics By Pearson Paperback Book

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Book NameAICTE Recommended RF Microelectronics By Pearson Paperback Book
AuthorRazavi (Author)
ClassHigher Education Text Book
Number Of Pages840 pages
PublicationPearson Education India
Size20.3 x 25.4 x 4.7 cm
BindingPaperback Book
Weight930 g
I Deal InNew Only

Minimum order quantity: 1 Piece

RF Microelectronics, Second Edition teaches RF analysis and design systematically, one step at a time, taking readers all the way from specification through practical solution. Behzad Razavi has thoroughly revised his classic text to incorporate the latest developments in RF architecture, circuits and devices and to cover all key topics in greater detail. This edition's stronger tutorial focus will make it even more valuable to students and its more systematic coverage of the latest technologies will make it indispensable to practicing engineers.

Research Handbook on International Drug Policy Hardcover Book

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Name Of BookResearch Handbook on International Drug Policy Hardcover Book
AuthorDavid R. Bewley-Taylor (Editor), Khalid Tinasti (Editor)
Published ByEdward Elgar Publishing Ltd
Pages424 Pages
Year15 September 2020

Minimum order quantity: 1 Piece

Analysing one of the most controversial areas in public policy, this pioneering Research Handbook brings together contributions from expert researchers to provide a global overview of the shifting dynamics of drug policy.


Chapters tackle a complex and cross-cutting issue from inter and multi-disciplinary perspectives, incorporating political science, history, law and public health into their analyses. Emphasising connections between the domestic and the international, this timely Research Handbook illustrates the intersections between drug policy, human rights obligations and the 2030 Sustainable Development Agenda. Integrating detailed discussion of ever-evolving drug markets, a diverse range of policy responses, and political and ideological tensions, the contributors offer an insightful analysis of the regional dynamics of drug control, its historic constructions, and the contemporary and emerging problems it is facing.

Aimed at researchers and students interested in drug policy, as well as policy makers and practitioners at different levels of governance, the Research Handbook on International Drug Policy provides a much-needed comparative approach and will prove to be an essential resource for navigating the difficulties surrounding drug policy and control.

Pearson Edexcel International AS Level Biology Student Book Paperback Book

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Name Of BookPearson Edexcel International AS Level Biology Student Book (Edexcel International A Level) Paperbac
Published ByEdexcel
Book NamePearson Edexcel International AS Level Biology Student Book (Edexcel International A Level) Paperbac
AuthorAnn Fullick (Author), Frank Sochacki (Author)
EditionFirst Edition
Pages336 Pages
Number Of Pages336 Pages
Year12 July 2018
Binding TypePaperback
kg840 g

Minimum order quantity: 1 Piece

Developed for the new International A Level specification, these new resources are specifically designed for international students, with a strong focus on progression, recognition and transferable skills, allowing learning in a local context to a global standard. Recognised by universities worldwide and fully comparable to UK reformed GCE A levels. Supports a modular approach, in line with the specification. Appropriate international content puts learning in a real-world context, to a global standard, making it engaging and relevant for all learners. Reviewed by a language specialist to ensure materials are written in a clear and accessible style. The embedded transferable skills, needed for progression to higher education and employment, are signposted so students understand what skills they are developing and therefore go on to use these skills more effectively in the future. Exam practice provides opportunities to assess understanding and progress, so students can make the best progress they can.

An Experience of Finland Hardcover Book

₹ 3,779 /Piece Get Latest Price

Name Of BookExperience of Finland Hardcover
AuthorW.R. Mead (Author)
Book NameExperience of Finland Hardcover Book
Year23 September 1993
Binding TypeHardcover
Pages224 pages

Minimum order quantity: 1 Piece

In this very personal book, Mead explains on the basis of more than half a century's experience how his interests in Finland developed in parallel with its transformation from a pre-war agrarian economy to a modern welfare state with an advanced technological base.


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