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Thompson & Thompson Genetics in Medicine, 8e Paperback Book

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Name Of BookThompson & Thompson Genetics in Medicine, 8e Paperback Book
AuthorRobert L. Nussbaum MD FACP FACMG (Author), Roderick R. McInnes CM MD PhD FRS(C) FCAHS FCCMG (Author
EditionEighth Edition
Published ByElsevier India
Book NameThompson & Thompson Genetics in Medicine, 8e Paperback Book
Pages560 pages
Year21 June 2015
Size/Dimension20 x 14 x 4 cm
kg1 kg 10 g

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Updated to reflect the newest changes in genetics, Thompson & Thompson's Genetics in Medicine returns as one of the most favored texts in this fascinating and rapidly evolving field. By integrating the classic principles of human genetics with modern molecular genetics, this medical reference book utilizes a variety of learning tools to help you understand a wide range of genetic disorders.

    • Acquire the state-of-the-art knowledge you need on the latest advances in molecular diagnostics, the Human Genome Project, pharmacogenetics, and bio-informatics.
    • Better understand the relationship between basic genetics and clinical medicine with a variety of clinical case studies. 
    • Recognize a wide range of genetic disorders with visual guidance from more than 240 dynamic illustrations and high-quality photos.

    Postmortem: How Medical Examiners Explain Suspicious Deaths Paperback Book

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    Name Of BookPostmortem: How Medical Examiners Explain Suspicious Deaths Paperback book
    AuthorStefan Timmermans (Author)
    EditionNew edition
    Published ByUniversity of Chicago Press
    Book NamePostmortem: How Medical Examiners Explain Suspicious Deaths Paperback book
    Pages384 pages
    Year15 April 2007
    Size/Dimension15.24 x 2.54 x 22.86 cm
    kg567 g

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    Delves into the world of medical examiners to uncover the intricate web of social, legal, and moral issues in which they operate. This work reveals how medical examiners speak to the living on behalf of the dead.

    Confidence Intervals for Discrete Data in Clinical Research Hardcover Book

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    Name Of BookConfidence Intervals for Discrete Data in Clinical Research Hardcover Book
    AuthorVivek Pradhan (Author), Ashis Gangopadhyay (Author), Sandeep M. Menon (Author), Cynthia Basu (Autho
    EditionFirst Edition
    Published ByChapman and Hall
    Book NameConfidence Intervals for Discrete Data in Clinical Research Hardcover Book

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    Confidence Intervals for Discrete Data in Clinical Research is designed as a toolbox for biomedical researchers. Analysis of discrete data is one of the most used yet vexing areas in clinical research. The array of methodologies available in the literature to address the inferential questions for binomial and multinomial data can be a double-edged sword. On the one hand, these methods open a rich avenue of exploration of data; on the other, the wide-ranging and competing methodologies potentially lead to conflicting inferences, adding to researchers' confusion and frustration and also leading to reporting bias. This book addresses the problems that many practitioners experience in choosing and implementing fit for purpose data analysis methods to answer critical inferential questions for binomial and count data.

    The book is an outgrowth of the authors' collective experience in biomedical research and provides an excellent overview of inferential questions of interest for binomial proportions and rates based on count data, and reviews various solutions to these problems available in the literature. Each chapter discusses the strengths and weaknesses of the methods and suggests practical recommendations. The book's primary focus is on applications in clinical research, and the goal is to provide direct benefit to the users involved in the biomedical field.

    Netter Atlas of Human Anatomy: Classic Regional Approach: paperback Book

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    Name Of BookNetter Atlas of Human Anatomy: Classic Regional Approach: paperback Book
    AuthorMD Netter, Frank H. (Author)
    Edition8th Edition
    Published ByElsevier - Health Sciences Division
    Book NameNetter Atlas of Human Anatomy: Classic Regional Approach: paperback Book
    Pages712 pages
    Year11 April 2022
    Size/Dimension21.84 x 3.3 x 28.45 cm
    kg2 kg 420 g

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    For students and clinical professionals who are learning anatomy, participating in a dissection lab, sharing anatomy knowledge with patients, or refreshing their anatomy knowledge, the Netter Atlas of Human Anatomy illustrates the body, region by region, in clear, brilliant detail from a clinician's perspective. Unique among anatomy atlases, it contains illustrations that emphasize anatomic relationships that are most important to the clinician in training and practice. Illustrated by clinicians, for clinicians, it contains more than 550 exquisite plates plus dozens of carefully selected radiologic images for common views. Presents world-renowned, superbly clear views of the human body from a clinical perspective, with paintings by Dr. Frank Netter as well as Dr. Carlos A. G. Machado, one of today's foremost medical illustrators. Content guided by expert anatomists and educators: R. Shane Tubbs, Paul E. Neumann, Jennifer K. Brueckner-Collins, Martha Johnson Gdowski, Virginia T. Lyons, Peter J. Ward, Todd M. Hoagland, Brion Benninger, and an international Advisory Board. Offers region-by-region coverage, including muscle table appendices at the end of each section and quick reference notes on structures with high clinical significance in common clinical scenarios. Contains new illustrations by Dr. Machado including clinically important areas such as the pelvic cavity, temporal and infratemporal fossae, nasal turbinates, and more. Features new nerve tables devoted to the cranial nerves and the nerves of the cervical, brachial, and lumbosacral plexuses. Uses updated terminology based on the second edition of the international anatomic standard, Terminologia Anatomica, and includes common clinically used eponyms. Enhanced eBook version included with purchase. Your enhanced eBook allows you to access all of the text, figures, and references from the book on a variety of devices. Provides access to extensive digital content: every plate in the Atlas?and over 100 bonus plates including illustrations from previous editions?is enhanced with an interactive label quiz option and supplemented with "Plate Pearls" that provide quick key points of the major themes of each plate. Digital content also includes over 300 multiple choice questions and other learning tools. Also available, alternative versions of the 8th Edition: . Netter Atlas of Human Anatomy: A Systems Approach-Same content as the classic regional approach, but organized by organ systems. . Netter Atlas of Human Anatomy: Classic Regional Approach-hardback Professional Edition with downloadable image bank for personal use. . Netter Atlas of Human Anatomy: Classic Regional Approach with Latin terminology

    The Four Agreements: A Practical Guide to Personal Freedom Paperback Book

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    Name Of BookThe Four Agreements: A Practical Guide to Personal Freedom Paperback Book
    AuthorDon Miguel Ruiz (Author), Janet Mills (Author)
    Published ByHay House
    Book NameThe Four Agreements: A Practical Guide to Personal Freedom Paperback Book
    Pages100 g
    Year7 November 1997
    Size/Dimension13.03 x 1.17 x 18.42 cm
    kg100 g

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    In The Four Agreements, bestselling author don Miguel Ruiz reveals the source of self-limiting beliefs that rob us of joy and create needless suffering. Based on ancient Toltec wisdom, The Four Agreements offer a powerful code of conduct that can rapidly transform our lives to a new experience of freedom, true happiness, and love. • A New York Times bestseller for over a decade • Over 6.5 million copies sold in the U.S. • Translated into 40 languages worldwide"This book by don Miguel Ruiz, simple yet so powerful, has made a tremendous difference in how I think and act in every encounter." — Oprah Winfrey"Don Miguel Ruiz’s book is a roadmap to enlightenment and freedom." — Deepak Chopra, Author, The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success"An inspiring book with many great lessons." — Wayne Dyer, Author, Real Magic"In the tradition of Castaneda, Ruiz distills essential Toltec wisdom, expressing with clarity and impeccability what it means for men and women to live as peaceful warriors in the modern world." — Dan Millman, Author, Way of the Peaceful Warrior

    Healthy Ageing in Asia: Culture, Prevention and Wellness Paperback Book

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    Name Of BookHealthy Ageing in Asia: Culture, Prevention and Wellness Paperback Book
    AuthorGerard Bodeker (Editor), Goh Cheng Soon (Editor), Kishan Kariippanon (Editor)
    EditionFirst Edition
    Published ByCRC Press
    Book NameHealthy Ageing in Asia: Culture, Prevention and Wellness Paperback Book
    Pages326 pages
    Year21 July 2022
    Size/Dimension15.6 x 1.98 x 23.4 cm
    kg453 g

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    This book addresses policies related to ageing, traditional Asian approaches to ageing, an integrated medical system approaches to ageing, ageing in place, and community empowerment.

    The Complete Guide to Perfect Pregnancy Week-by-week Paperback Book

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    Name Of BookThe Complete Guide to Perfect Pregnancy Week-by-week Paperback Book
    AuthorAlison Mackonochie (Author)
    EditionIllustrated Edition
    Published ByLorenz Books
    Book NameThe Complete Guide to Perfect Pregnancy Week-by-week Paperback Book
    Pages96 pages
    Year29 May 1999
    kg300 g

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    Step-by-step colour photographs and easy-to-follow instructions to guide the reader through the stages of pregnancy.

    Janeway's Immunobiology Paperback Book

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    Name Of BookJaneway's Immunobiology Paperback Book
    AuthorKenneth Murphy (Author), Casey Weaver (Author)
    Edition9th Edition
    Published ByGarland Science
    Book NameJaneway's Immunobiology Paperback Book
    Pages924 pages
    YearMarch 24, 2016
    kg4.1 pounds

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    Janeway’s Immunobiology is a textbook for students studying immunology at the undergraduate, graduate, and medical school levels. As an introductory text, students will appreciate the book’s clear writing and informative illustrations, while advanced students and working immunologists will value its comprehensive scope and depth. Janeway’s Immunobiology presents immunology from a consistent point of view throughout―that of the host’s interaction with an environment full of microbes and pathogens.

    The Ninth Edition has been thoroughly revised bringing the content up-to-date with significant developments in the field, especially on the topic of innate immunity, and improving the presentation of topics across chapters for better continuity.

    Smith and Aitkenhead's Textbook of Anaesthesia Paperback Book

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    Name Of BookSmith and Aitkenhead's Textbook of Anaesthesia has become the book of choice for the trainee anesthe
    AuthorAitkenhead (Author)
    Edition6th edition
    Published ByElsevier Health
    Book NameSmith and Aitkenhead's Textbook of Anaesthesia, International Edition Paperback
    Pages868 pages
    kg1 kg 860 g
    Country of OriginMade in India

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    Smith and Aitkenhead's Textbook of Anaesthesia has become the book of choice for the trainee anesthetist and is essential reading for candidates for the Fellowship of the Royal College of Anesthetists and similar examinations. It is also a highly trusted, practical guide for all anesthetists and other health care professionals involved in the perioperative period. Building on previous worldwide success, this sixth edition has been thoroughly updated and reorganized to reflect current anesthetic practice and the basic sciences that directly underpin it. The inclusion of several new chapters continues to ensure complete coverage of key and evolving areas and new, experienced authors also add a fresh perspective to this edition. For the first time, Smith & Aitkenhead's Textbook of Anaesthesia comes with complementary access to the complete contents online at expertconsult.com, making it more flexible and easy to use than ever before. Clear and concise coverage of the full range of modern clinical practice - from anesthetic equipment and pre-operative assessment through to post-operative care, local anesthesia, anesthesia for individual specialties, intensive care and the management of chronic pain. New chapters on resuscitation; management of the difficult airway; management of the high-risk patient; anesthetic considerations in transplant patients; consent and information; safety and quality improvement and education and training (appendix) Clinically relevant basic sciences integrated throughout - including the principles of pharmacology, anesthetic agents and physics for the anesthetist Take it with you anywhere - rapid access to the full electronic text, downloadable image library and more at

    What the Heck Is EOS A Complete Guide for Employees Companies Running Hardcover Book

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    Name Of BookWhat the Heck Is EOS A Complete Guide for Employees in Companies Running on EOS Hardcover Book
    AuthorGino Wickman (Author)
    EditionIllustrated edition
    Published ByBenBella Books
    Pages280 pages
    Year5 September 2017
    Size/Dimension14.61 x 1.83 x 21.74 cm
    kg318 g

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    Has your company struggled to roll EOS out to all levels of your organization?  Do your employees understand why EOS is important or even what it is?

    What the Heck is EOS? is for the millions of employees in companies running their businesses on EOS (Entrepreneurial Operating System).  An easy and fast read, this book answers the questions many employees have about EOS and their company:

       • What is an operating system?
       • What is EOS and why is my company using it?
       • What are the EOS foundational tools and how do they impact me?
       • What's in it for me? 

    Designed to engage employees in the EOS process and tools, What the Heck is EOS? uses simple, straightforward language and  provides questions about each tool for managers and employees to discuss creating more ownership and buy-in at the staff level. After reading this book,  employees will not only have a better understanding of EOS but they will be more engaged, taking an active role in helping achieve your company's vision.

    JAIPUR SPLENDOR Hardcover Book

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    Name Of BookJAIPUR SPLENDOR Hardcover Book
    AuthorMozez Singh (Author)
    Book NameJAIPUR SPLENDOR Hardcover Book
    Calendar Stands1 January 2022
    Year1 January 2022
    Binding TypeHardcover
    Pages312 pages

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    Mozez Singh is a writer, producer and director in the Indian film industry, and has worked on a range of projects. His debut directorial feature, Zubaan, opened the Busan International Film Festival, one of the biggest film festivals in Asia, where he won the Rising Director Asia Star Award. He has produced several other films that have traveled to many leading film festivals, such as those in Cannes, Toronto and Venice. He is the showrunner, writer and director of HUMAN, a new show for Disney + Hotstar, that is premiering in 2022. Mozez has also written for many well-known publications, including Vogue, Elle, India Today and Architectural Digest, and had his own column at The Indian Express.

    Introduction to Automata Theory, Languages, and Computation Paperback Book

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    Book NameIntroduction to Automata Theory, Languages, and Computation Paperback Book
    AuthorHopcroft (Author)
    ClassHigher Education Text Book
    Number Of Pages554 pages
    PublicationPearson Education India
    Weight330 g
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    This classic book on formal languages, automata theory and computational complexity has been updated to present theoretical concepts in a concise and straightforward manner with the increase of hands-on, practical applications. This new edition comes with Gradiance, an online assessment tool developed for computer science. Gradiance is the most advanced online assessment tool developed for the computer science discipline. With its innovative underlying technology, Gradiance turns basic homework assignments and programming labs into an interactive learning experience for students. By using a series of "root questions" and hints, it not only tests a student's capability, but actually simulates a one-on-one teacher-student tutorial that allows for the student to more easily learn the material. Through the programming labs, instructors are capable of testing, tracking and honing their students' skills, both in terms of syntax and semantics, with an unprecedented level of assessment never before offered.

    Model Of Admin Know-How Workbook Hubbard Rare

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    Book NameThe Model of Admin Know-How Workbook
    AuthorL.Ron Hubbard
    BrandL Ron Hubbard

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    The Model of Admin Know-How Workbook shows you how to implement L. Ron Hubbard's organizational and management principles in your business.

    It covers how to optimize a business for maximum production and profit, how to intelligently delegate workloads, how to create a skilled, productive team, and how to avoid inefficiency and waste. This is a perfect tool to create a business plan for the development and growth of your business.

    As you complete this workbook, you will understand exactly why more than 200,000 companies have applied L. Ron Hubbard's management principles to their businesses.

    You will accomplish the following by completing the steps in this workbook:

    CEO Excellence: The Six Mindsets That Distinguish the Best Leaders from the Rest Hardcover

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    Name Of BookCEO Excellence: The Six Mindsets That Distinguish the Best Leaders from the Rest Hardcover
    AuthorCarolyn Dewar (Author), Scott Keller (Author), Vikram Malhotra (Author)
    Published ByScribner
    Pages384 pages
    YearMarch 15, 2022
    kg1.17 pounds

    Minimum order quantity: 1 Piece

    New York Times Bestseller
    Wall Street Journal Bestseller

    From the world’s most influential management consulting firm, McKinsey & Company, this is an insight-packed, revelatory look at how the best CEOs do their jobs based on extensive interviews with today’s most successful corporate leaders—including chiefs at Netflix, JPMorgan Chase, General Motors, and Sony.

    Being a CEO at any of the world’s largest companies is among the most challenging roles in business. Billions, and even trillions, are at stake—and the fates of tens of thousands of employees often hang in the balance. Yet, even when “can’t miss” high-achievers win the top job, very few excel. Thirty percent of Fortune 500 CEOs last fewer than three years, and two out of five new CEOs are perceived to be failing within eighteen months.

    For those who shoulder the burden of being the one on whom everyone counts, a manual for excellence is sorely needed.

    To identify the 21st century’s best CEOs, the authors of CEO Excellence started with a pool of over 2400 public company CEOs. Extensive screening distilled that group into an elite corps, sixty-seven of whom agreed to in-depth, multi-hour interviews. Among those sharing their views: Jamie Dimon (JPMorgan Chase), Satya Nadella (Microsoft), Reed Hastings (Netflix), Kazuo Hirai (Sony), Ken Chenault (American Express), Mary Barra (GM), and Peter Brabeck-Letmathe (Nestlé).

    What came out of those frank, no-holds-barred conversations is a rich array of mindsets and actions that deliver outsized performance. Compelling, practical, and unprecedented in scope, CEO Excellence is a treasure trove of wisdom from today’s most elite business leaders.

    Artificial Intelligence Third Edition By Pearson A Modern Approach Paperback

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    Book NameArtificial Intelligence Third Edition By Pearson: A Modern Approach Paperback Book
    AuthorRussell (Author)
    ClassHigher Education Text Book
    Number Of Pages1164 pages
    PublicationPearson Education India
    Weight2 kg 60 g
    I Deal InNew Only

    Minimum order quantity: 1 Piece

    This edition captures the changes that have taken place in the field of artificial intelligence (AI) since the last edition in 2003. There have been important applications of AI technology, such as the widespread deployment of practical speech recognition, machine translation, autonomous vehicles and household robotics. There have been algorithmic landmarks, such as the solution of the game of checkers. There has also been a great deal of theoretical progress, particularly in areas such as probabilistic reasoning, machine learning and computer vision.

    Transitioning to Gender Equality Hardcover Book

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    Name Of BookTransitioning to Gender Equality Hardcover book
    AuthorChrista Binswanger (Editor), Andrea Zimmermann (Editor)
    Book NameTransitioning to Gender Equality Hardcover book
    Calendar StandsSeptember 17, 2021
    YearSeptember 17, 2021
    Binding TypeHardcover
    Pages254 pages

    Minimum order quantity: 1 Piece

    Gender Equality, the fifth UN Sustainable Development Goal (SDG 5), aims for the elimination of all forms of discrimination against women and girls. It thereby addresses all forms of violence, unpaid and unacknowledged care and domestic work, as well as the need for equal opportunities for leadership at all levels of decision-making in political, economic and public life. Thus, the areas in which changes with regard to gender equality on a global scale are needed are very broad. In this volume, we focus on three main areas of inquiry, 'Sexuality', 'Politics of Difference' and 'Care, Work and Family', and raise the following transversal questions:

    • How can gender be addressed in an intersectional perspective, linking gender to further categories of difference, which are involved in discrimination?
    • In which ways are binary notions of gender taking part in inequality regimes and by which means can these binaries be questioned?
    • How can we measure, control and portray progress with regard to gender equality and how do we, in doing so, define gender?
    • Which multi-, inter- or transdisciplinary perspectives are needed for understanding the diversity of gender, in order to support a transition to 'gender equality'?

    Transitioning to Gender Equality is part of MDPI's new Open Access book series Transitioning to Sustainability. With this series, MDPI pursues environmentally and socially relevant research which contributes to efforts toward a sustainable world. Transitioning to Sustainability aims to add to the conversation about regional and global sustainable development according to the 17 SDGs. Set to be published in 2020/2021, the book series is intended to reach beyond disciplinary, even academic boundaries.

    Systems Biogeochemistry of Major Marine Biomes 1st Edition Hardcover Book

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    Name Of BookSystems Biogeochemistry of Major Marine Biomes 1st Edition Hardcover Book
    Published ByWiley
    Book NameSystems Biogeochemistry of Major Marine Biomes 1st Edition Hardcover Book
    AuthorAninda Mazumdar (Editor), Wriddhiman Ghosh (Editor)
    EditionFirst Edition
    Pages336 pages
    YearApril 12, 2022
    Number Of Pages336 pages
    Binding TypeHardcover
    Size/Dimension0.39 x 0.39 x 0.39 inches
    Weight1 pounds
    kg1 pounds

    Minimum order quantity: 1 Piece

    Systems Biogeochemistry of Major Marine Biomes

    A comprehensive system-level discussion of the geomicrobiology of the Earth’s oceans

    In Systems Biogeochemistry of Major Marine Biomes, a team of distinguished researchers delivers a systemic overview of biogeochemistry across a number of major physiographies of the global ocean: the waters and sediments overlying continental margins; the deep sub-surfaces; the Arctic and Antarctic oceans; and the physicochemical extremes such as the hypersaline and sulfidic marine zones, cold methane seeps and hydrothermal ecosystems.

    The book explores state-of-the-art advances in marine geomicrobiology and investigates the drivers of biogeochemical processes. It highlights the imperatives of the unique, fringe, and cryptic processes while studying the geological manifestations and ecological feedbacks of in situ microbial metabolisms. Taking a holistic approach toward the understanding of marine biogeochemical provinces, this book emphasizes the centrality of culture-dependent and culture-independent (meta-omics-based) microbiological information within a systems biogeochemistry framework.

    Perfect for researchers and scientists in the fields of geochemistry, geophysics, geomicrobiology, oceanography, and marine science, Systems Biogeochemistry of Major Marine Biomes will also earn a place in the libraries of policymakers and advanced graduate students seeking a one-stop reference on marine biogeochemistry.

    Computer Networking: a Top-Down Approach, 6th Edn Paperback

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    AuthorKurose James F. (Author), Ross Keith W. (Author)
    ClassHigher Education Text Book
    Number Of Pages888 pages
    PublicationPearson Education
    Weight1 kg 130 g
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    Building on the successful top-down approach of previous editions, the Sixth Edition of Computer Networking continues with an early emphasis on application-layer paradigms and application programming interfaces (the top layer), encouraging a hands-on experience with protocols and networking concepts, before working down the protocol stack to more abstract layers.This book has become the dominant book for this course because of the authors’ reputations, the precision of explanation, the quality of the art program and the value of their own supplements.Features A balanced presentation focuses on the Internet as a specific motivating example of a network and also introduces students to protocols in a more theoretical context.A chapter on wireless and mobility includes insight into 802.11 and coverage of ad hoc networking.Principles and Practice boxes throughout demonstrate real-world applications of the principles studied.Case History boxes are sprinkled in to help tell the story of the history and development of computer networking.Material on application programming development is included, along with numerous programming assignments.A highly developed art program enhances the descriptions of concepts.A comprehensive Companion Website, which includes additional learning material, links to relevant online resources and lab materialTable of Contents Chapter 1 Computer Networks and the Internet Chapter 2 Application Layer Chapter 3 Transport Layer Chapter 4 The Network Layer Chapter 5 The Link Layer: Links, Access Networks and LANs Chapter 6 Wireless and Mobile Networks Chapter 7 Multimedia Networking Applications Chapter 8 Security in Computer Networks Chapter 9 Network Management

    Gleim EA Review 2020 Edition: Parts 1, 2, and 3 Textbooks Paperback Book

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    Book NameGleim EA Review 2020 Edition: Parts 1, 2, and 3 Textbooks Paperback Book
    Binding TypePaperback
    Edition2022 Edition exelent
    Cover TypePaperback
    Publication Year2022

    Minimum order quantity: 1 Piece

    Very Good: A book that does not look new and has been read but is in excellent condition. No obvious damage to the cover, with the dust jacket (if applicable) included for hard covers. No missing or damaged pages, no creases or tears, and no underlining/highlighting of text or writing in the margins. May be very minimal identifying marks on the inside cover. Very minimal wear and tear. See the seller’s listing for full details and description of any imperfections.opens in a new window or tab

    Unposted Letter Hardcover Book

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    Name Of BookUnposted Letter Hardcover Book
    AuthorMahatria Ra (Author)
    Book NameUnposted Letter Hardcover Book
    Calendar Stands31 December 2011
    Year31 December 2011
    Binding TypeHardcover
    Pages184 pages

    Minimum order quantity: 1 Piece

    A collection of short articles by Mahatria. Each letter contains deep and profound reflections on many topics related to life, work, situations, and attitudes. The book contains simple lessons and principles and practical ideas that, if implemented, can make life more fulfilling and adverse situations easier to face. An internal conflict, a little relationship hitch, a professional dilemma, a policy review, time management issues, whatever… find a solution there. “Open any page; an answer is seeking the seeker.” Many have found their answers in this book: Unposted Letter.

    Operating System Concepts: International Student Version Paperback Book

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    Book NameOperating System Concepts: International Student Version Paperback
    AuthorSilberschatz (Author), Galvin (Author), Gagne (Author)
    ClassHigher Education Text Book
    Number Of Pages992 pages
    Weight962 g
    I Deal InNew Only

    Minimum order quantity: 1 Piece

    Operating System Concepts: International Student Version covers all the vital topics that are related to operating systems. Operating system is a crucial subject for software engineers. This book provides information of development related to operating systems.The fundamental concepts of operating systems are explained in a clear and concise manner. Content related to simulation is added in this eighth edition along with new projects of programming. Readers can develop a conceptual perception of the concepts through simulators. Operating System Concepts: International Student Version assists in a better understanding of the details of specific systems.This book starts with introduction, then covers structure of Operating-System, Process Management, Processes, Threads, Scheduling of CPU, Process Synchronisation, and Deadlocks. This book also explains management of memory, types of memory (main and virtual), management of storage, file-system interface, implementation of file-system, structure of mass-storage structure, input and output systems, protection and security, protection, security, and distributed systems, structures, file systems, coordination, special-purpose systems, and real-time systems. The last few chapters of this book cover case studies of the Linux System, Windows XP, and Influential Operating Systems.Wiley India Pvt. Ltd published this book in 2009. This book is available in paperback.About The AuthorsThis book is combined effort of Silberschatz, Galvin, and Gagne. Abraham Silberschatz graduated with a PhD in computer science from the State University of New York. He worked as vice president in the Information Sciences Research Center at Bell Labs, and then he joined Yale University in 2003 as the Sidney J Weinberg computer science professor. He was honoured with many awards like the IEEE Taylor L Booth Education Award and Karl V Karlstrom Outstanding Educator Award. Now, he is one of the members of the Connecticut Academy of Science and Engineering.Peter Baer Galvin has worked as systems manager in Brown University's computer science department. He works as chief technologist in Corporate Technologies () . He has also written columns and articles for SunWorld and SysAdmin magazine. He taught tutorials on security and system administration as a consultant and trainer. Since 1990, Greg Gagne is the manager of the computer science department at Westminster College. Additionally, he also offers workshops for computers science students and industry professionals.

    A Christmas Carol CHARLES DICKENS Paperback

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    Book NameA Christmas Carol CHARLES DICKENS Paperback Book
    AuthorCharles Dickens (Author)
    Pages116 pages
    YearDecember 1, 2015

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    BRAND NEW, Exactly same ISBN as listed, Please double check ISBN carefully before ordering.

    The Dynamics of Grace: Perspectives in Theological Anthropology Paperback Book

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    Book NameThe Dynamics of Grace: Perspectives in Theological Anthropology Paperback Book
    AuthorStephen J. Duffy (Author)
    PublisherWipf and Stock
    Page398 pages
    Transmission Distance6 x 0.9 x 9 inches
    I Deal InNew Only

    Minimum order quantity: 1 Piece

    The doctrine of grace, concerning the healing, freeing, and empowering presence of the Spirit in human life, is central in Christianity. This readable, yet in-depth, historical and interpretive study retraces the long trajectory of the theology of grace as thinkers grappled with the mystery that envelops the interplay between God's life with us and our common life together. Retrieving the rich symbols of the Christian past and reinterpreting them within their own cultural context, theologians in different eras shaped the development of a Christian anthropology that plays upon all the registers of the greatness and misery of the human condition. The presuppositions, questions, and benchmark anthropologies of early Christianity, Augustine, Aquinas, Luther, Trent, and Rahner are critically analyzed in light of recent historical studies and in light of a new climate of ecumenical convergence. The exploration ends by probing the anthropology of contemporary liberation theologies that mark another turning point in the tradition by breaking grace out of the realm of privacy and into the sociopolitical arena.

    Learn Russian: A Comprehensive Guide to Learning Russian Stories Phrases Paperback Book

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    Name Of BookLearn Russian: A Comprehensive Guide to Learning Russian Stories Phrases Paperback Book
    AuthorSimple Language Learning (Author)
    Calendar Stands7 January 2020
    Year7 January 2020

    Minimum order quantity: 1 Piece

    If you're looking to learn Russian fast without having to go through boring textbooks, then keep reading...

    Three manuscripts in one book:

    • Russian: Learn Russian for Beginners: A Simple Guide that Will Help You on Your Language Learning Journey
    • Russian Short Stories: 11 Simple Stories for Beginners Who Want to Learn Russian in Less Time While Also Having Fun
    • Russian Phrase Book: Over 1000 Essential Russian Phrases You Don't Want to Be Without on Your Trip to Russia

    Are you sick and tired of not being able to learn Russian fast?

    Have you tried endless other ways of learning Russian but nothing seems to stick?

    Do you finally want to say goodbye to your tendency to 'forget most of what you've studied' and discover something which works for you?

    If so, then you've come to the right place.

    You see, Russian could be easier than you think.

    This book is an entrance into the world of the Russian language and in it, you will:

    • Learn how to pronounce the Russian language sounds and how they differ from the English language
    • Get an idea of the Russian alphabet and reading rules
    • Learn about Russian basic grammar structures
    • Acquire a useful vocabulary base to introduce yourself to a Russian speaker
    • Learn to have efficient and simple conversations and ask basic questions
    • And much, much more!

    In essence, this book will help you communicate and give you an overview of the language.

    The primary focus of this book is on phrases and constructions, which you can use in everyday communications. Moreover, along with vocabulary, basic grammar concepts are included. Although Russian grammar is considered--and justifiably so--to be quite complicated and some difficulties lurk even at the beginning level, this book will address it in small portions and illustrate the rules with vocabulary items so that you can easily get the picture.

    Each chapter contains small and simple dialogues that will help you practice new words and grammatical constructions, and at the same time, gain some phrases to try in conversations with Russian speakers. Some vocabulary, as well as grammar points, will be repeated throughout the book and the dialogues--so you will naturally have no choice but to learn it.

    In part 1 of this book, you will learn about:

    • Russian Letters and Sounds
    • Basic Grammar Principles and Speech Etiquette
    • Pronouns and Verbs
    • Introduction Into Grammar Cases and Talking About Yourself - Part 1
    • Grammar Cases and Talking About Yourself - Part 2
    • Plurals and Numerals
    • Going Around a City; Transport; and Restaurants
    • Emergency situations
    • And much, much more!

    In part 2, you will get 11 simple and engaging short stories that will ignite your imagination so you can learn Russian in a fun way that will make memorization much easier.
    Some of the topics covered in part 3 of this book include:

    • The Alphabet, Reading, and Pronunciation
    • Numerals
    • Basic Necessities for Communication
    • Talking About Yourself
    • Getting Around
    • Sightseeing and Entertainment
    • Shopping and Banking
    • Accommodation, Eating and Services
    • Health and Safety
    • Time and Measurements
    • And much, much more

    So if you want to learn the Russian language fast, then scroll up and click the "add to cart" button

    Jaya An Illustrated Retelling Of The M Paperback Book

    233/Piece Get Latest Price

    Name Of BookJaya An Illustrated Retelling Of The M Paperback Book
    AuthorDevdutt Pattanaik (Author)
    Calendar Stands16 August 2010
    Year16 August 2010

    Minimum order quantity: 1 Piece

    Jaya: An Illustrated Retelling Of The Mahabharata has the whole epic, which was originally known as Jaya, condensed into a tiny capsule in this book. Other than retelling the interesting parts of the Mahabharata, what makes this book a favourite among the readers is Pattanaik rendering of the various local folklores and tales that are associated with the epic, which have been presented in a whole new genre. With a master stroke, the author has elaborated the storyline by including lesser known folklore stories of the epic, while keeping intact its original form and style.

    The book has been divided into 108 chapters and has vivid illustrations along with 250 simple line drawings painted by Pattanaik himself. Besides infusing the different tales from local versions of the epic, the author has also added folk arts aspects picked up from 'Yakshagana’ in Karnataka, 'Terukuttu’ in Tamil Nadu and 'Pandavani’ in Chattisgarh to blend with the narrative.

    Stories of Barbareek, Aravan, Astika, Madhavi and Jaimini form a special portion of this book. Other than this, Pattanaik has also introduced some intriguing ongoing traditions, like the worship of Draupadi in temples of Tamil Nadu.

    Along with this, a whole section has been devoted to the Kurukshetra war described on the basis of descriptive astronomical information. By infusing these interesting details along with the various local versions of the epic, the author has attempted to create a pan-Indian version of the epic that has, since times immemorial, helped in shaping the culture and history of the whole country.

    Published by Penguin, this book may be a great choice for those intrigued to know about the religious and cultural intricacies of the country as well as those who are reading the epic for the first time.

    About the author:

    Devdutt Pattanaik: A doctor by training, a marketing manager by profession and a mythologist by passion, Devdutt Pattanaik wears many hats. Apart from travelling extensively giving lectures on different topics ranging between relevance of sacred stories and the importance of rituals and symbols in modern times, Devdutt Pattanaik has also written numerous books including Devi: An Introduction, 7 Secrets of Hindu Calendar Art and Symbols and Rituals from the Heart of the Subcontinent to name a few.

    Security and Microservice Architecture on AWS: Architecting Paperback Book

    2061/Piece Get Latest Price

    Name Of BookSecurity and Microservice Architecture on AWS: Architecting Paperback Book
    AuthorGaurav Raje (Author)
    Edition1st Edition
    Published ByO'Reilly Media
    Pages394 pages

    Minimum order quantity: 1 Piece

    Security is usually an afterthought when organizations design microservices for cloud systems. Most companies today are exposed to potential security threats, but their responses are often more reactive than proactive. This leads to unnecessarily complicated systems that are hard to implement and even harder to manage and scale. Author Gaurav Raje shows you how to build highly secure systems on AWS without increasing overhead.

    Ideal for cloud solution architects and software developers with AWS experience, this practical book starts with a high-level architecture and design discussion, then explains how to implement your solution in the cloud while ensuring that the development and operational experience isn't compromised. By leveraging the AWS Shared Responsibility Model, you'll be able to:

    • Develop a modular architecture using microservices that aims to simplify compliance with various regulations in finance, medicine, and legal services
    • Introduce various AWS-based security controls to help protect your microservices from malicious actors
    • Leverage the modularity of the architecture to independently scale security mechanisms on individual microservices
    • Improve the security posture without compromising the autonomy or efficiency of software development teams




    Constructed and Floating Wetlands for SustainableWater Reclamation Hardcover Book

    3580/Piece Get Latest Price

    Name Of BookConstructed and Floating Wetlands for SustainableWater Reclamation Hardcover Book
    AuthorMuhammad Afzal (Editor), Muhammad Arslan (Editor), Naser A Anjum (Editor)
    Published ByMdpi AG
    Pages216 pages
    Year2 June 2022
    Size/Dimension16.99 x 1.91 x 24.41 cm
    kg667 g

    Minimum order quantity: 1 Piece

    Constructed wetlands (CWs) are engineered phytoremediation ecotechnologies. Herein, the two main biotic components, namely, plants and the bacterial community, work synergistically to remove a wide range of pollutants from wastewater. CWs have been used as sole treatment systems or as integrated modules within other types of wastewater-treatment plants (WWTPs), e.g., as tertiary treatment units. This Special Issue and Book gathers and appraises recent research outcomes regarding natural wetlands (i.e., mangroves) and engineered wetlands (constructed/floating systems), and highlights the underlying pollutant-degradation pathways and mechanisms for a wide range of organic and inorganic contaminants.

    Make Your Own Neural Network: A Gentle Journey Mathematics of Neural Networks Paperback Book

    2950/Piece Get Latest Price

    Book NameMake Your Own Neural Network: A Gentle Journey Mathematics of Neural Networks Paperback Book
    AuthorTariq Rashid (Author)
    ClassHigher Education Text Book
    Number Of Pages222 pages
    PublicationAmazon Digital Services
    Size21.59 x 1.35 x 27.94 cm
    Weight730 g
    I Deal InNew Only

    Minimum order quantity: 1 Piece

    A step-by-step gentle journey through the mathematics of neural networks, and making your own using the Python computer language. Neural networks are a key element of deep learning and artificial intelligence, which today is capable of some truly impressive feats. Yet too few really understand how neural networks actually work. This guide will take you on a fun and unhurried journey, starting from very simple ideas, and gradually building up an understanding of how neural networks work. You won't need any mathematics beyond secondary school, and an accessible introduction to calculus is also included. The ambition of this guide is to make neural networks as accessible as possible to as many readers as possible - there are enough texts for advanced readers already! You'll learn to code in Python and make your own neural network, teaching it to recognise human handwritten numbers, and performing as well as professionally developed networks. Part 1 is about ideas. We introduce the mathematical ideas underlying the neural networks, gently with lots of illustrations and examples. Part 2 is practical. We introduce the popular and easy to learn Python programming language, and gradually builds up a neural network which can learn to recognise human handwritten numbers, easily getting it to perform as well as networks made by professionals. Part 3 extends these ideas further. We push the performance of our neural network to an industry leading 98% using only simple ideas and code, test the network on your own handwriting, take a privileged peek inside the mysterious mind of a neural network, and even get it all working on a Raspberry Pi. All the code in this has been tested to work on a Raspberry Pi Zero.

    IEEE Sensors Council - Handbook Of Sensors Hardcover

    15000/Piece Get Latest Price

    Book NameHandbook Of Sensor IEEE
    Binding TypeHard Bound
    Number Of Pages986

    Minimum order quantity: 1 Piece


    Indigenous Knowledges and the Sustainable Development Agenda Hardcover Book

    9282/Piece Get Latest Price

    Name Of BookIndigenous Knowledges and the Sustainable Development Agenda Hardcover Book
    AuthorAnders Breidlid Editor, Roy Krovel (Editor)
    Book NameIndigenous Knowledges and the Sustainable Development Agenda (Routledge Studies in Indigenous People
    YearApril 27, 2020
    Binding TypeHardcover

    Minimum order quantity: 1 Piece

    This book discusses the vital importance of including indigenous knowledges in the sustainable development agenda. In the wake of colonialism and imperialism, dialogue between indigenous knowledges and Western epistemology has broken down time and again. However, in recent decades the broader indigenous struggle for rights and recognition has led to a better understanding of indigenous knowledges, and in 2015 the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) outlined the importance of indigenous engagement in contributing to the implementation of the agenda.

    Drawing on experiences and field work from Africa, Asia, Latin America and Europe, Indigenous Knowledges and the Sustainable Development Agenda brings together authors who explore social, educational, institutional and ecological sustainability in relation to indigenous knowledges. In doing so, this book provides a comprehensive understanding of the concept of "sustainability", at both national and international levels, from a range of diverse perspectives.

    As the decolonizing debate gathers pace within mainstream academic discourse, this book offers an important contribution to scholars across development studies, environmental studies, education, and political ecology.

    The Certified Manager of Quality/Organizational Excellence Handbook

    2986/Piece Get Latest Price

    Name Of BookThe Certified Manager of Quality Organizational Excellence Hardcover Book
    AuthorRussell T. Westcott Author, Editor
    EditionFourth Edition
    Published ByQuality Press

    Minimum order quantity: 1 Piece

    This handbook is a comprehensive reference source designed to help professionals address organizational issues from the application of the basic principles of management to the development of strategies needed to deal with the technological and societal concerns of the new millennium. The content of this fourth edition has been revised to reflect a more current global perspective and to match the updated Body of Knowledge (BoK) of ASQ's Certified Manager of Quality/Organizational Excellence (CMQ/OE). In order to provide a broad perspective of quality management, this book has specifically been written to address: Historical perspectives relating to the evolution of particular aspects of quality management, including recognized experts and their contributions; Key principles, concepts, and terminology relevant in providing quality leadership, and communicating quality needs and results; Benefits associated with the application of key concepts and quality management principles; Best practices describing recognized approaches for good quality management; Barriers to success, including common problems that the quality manager might experience when designing and implementing quality management, and insights as to why some quality initiatives fail; Guidance for preparation to take the CMQ/OE examination. Organized to follow the BoK exactly, throughout each section of this handbook the categorical BoK requirements associated with good quality management practices for that section are shown in a box preceding the pertinent text. These BoK requirements represent the range of content and the cognitive level to which multiple-choice questions can be presented. Although this handbook thoroughly prepares individuals for the ASQ CMQ/OE exam, the real value resides in post-exam usage as a day-to-day reference source for assessing quality applications and methodologies in daily processes. The content is written from the perspective of practitioners, and its relevance extends beyond traditional product quality applications.

    80,000 Hours: Find a Fulfilling Career That Does Good. Paperback Book

    321/Piece Get Latest Price

    ClassHigher Education Text Book
    Book Name80,000 Hours: Find a fulfilling career that does good. Paperback Book
    Binding TypePaperback
    AuthorBenjamin J Todd (Author)
    EditionFirst Edition

    Minimum order quantity: 1 Piece

    Find a fulfilling career that tackles the world's most pressing problems, using this guide based on five years of research alongside academics at Oxford.

    You have about 80,000 hours in your career: 40 hours a week, 50 weeks a year, for 40 years. This means your choice of career is one of the most important decisions you’ll ever make.

    Make the right choices, and you can help solve some of the world’s most pressing problems, as well as have a more rewarding, interesting life.

    For such an important decision, however, there’s surprisingly little good advice out there. Most career advice focuses on things like how to write a CV, and much of the rest is just (misleading) platitudes like “follow your passion”. Most people we speak to don’t even use career advice – they just speak to friends and try to figure it out for themselves.

    When it comes to helping others with your career the advice usually assumes you need to work as a teacher, doctor, charity worker, and so on, even though these paths might not be a good fit for you, and were not what the highest-impact people in history did.

    This guide is based on five years of research conducted alongside academics at the University of Oxford. It aims to help you find a career you enjoy, you’re good at, and that tackles the world’s most pressing problems.

    It covers topics like:
    1. What makes for a dream job, and why “follow your passion” can be misleading. 2. Why the most effective ways to make a difference aren’t always the obvious ones like working at a charity, or becoming a doctor. 3. How to compare global problems, like climate change and education, in terms of their scale and urgency. 4. How to discover and develop your strengths.
    It’s also full of practical tips and tools. You’ll come away with a plan to use your 80,000 hours in a way that’s fulfilling and high impact.

    What people are saying

    “Based on evidence and good sense, not platitudes”
    - Steven Pinker, New York Times bestselling author Johnstone Family Professor of Psychology at Harvard University.

    “This incredible group is helping people have a greater social impact with their careers.”
    - Sue Desmond-Hellmann, CEO of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

    “Every college grad should read this”
    - Tim Urban, creator of Wait But Why.

    Read more online
    This book is based on the free guide you can find on the 80,000 Hours website, where you can find many more articles and our most up-to-date content. All profits from the book are used to fund 80,000 Hours, expanding our research and enabling us to reach more people.

    About the authors
    80,000 Hours is an independent non-profit founded in Oxford in 2011. It performs research into career choice, and provides online and in-person advice.

    Benjamin Todd is the CEO and co-founder of 80,000 Hours. He grew the organization from a student society at Oxford to a non-profit that's raised $1.3m in donations, and has 100,000 monthly readers. He has a Master’s degree in Physics and Philosophy from Oxford, and speaks Chinese, badly.

    Ben is advised by the rest of the 80,000 Hours team, including Professor Will MacAskill, author of Doing Good Better, co-founder of the Effective Altruism movement, and one of the youngest tenured professors of philosophy in the world.

    Offshore Compliant Platforms: Recent AdvancementsCloth Hardcover Book

    6866/Piece Get Latest Price

    Name Of BookOffshore Compliant Platforms: Recent AdvancementsCloth Hardcover Book
    AuthorSrinivasan Chandrasekaran (Author), R. Nagavinothini (Author)
    EditionFirst Edition
    Published ByWiley-ASM
    Pages250 Pages

    Minimum order quantity: 1 Piece

    A guide to the analysis and design of compliant offshore structures that highlights a new generation of platforms

    Offshore Compliant Platforms provides an authoritative guideto the analysis and design of compliant offshore structures and puts the focus on a new generation of platforms such as: triceratops, Buoyant Leg Storage and Regasification platforms. Whilst the authors – noted experts on the topic – include basic information on the conceptual development of conventional platforms, the book presents detailed descriptions of the design and development of new deep-water platforms.

    The book describes the preliminary design of triceratops in ultra-deep waters and presents a detailed analysis of environmental loads that are inherent in offshore locations such as wave, wind and current. The new methodology for the dynamic analysis of triceratops under ice loads, predominantly in ice-covered regions, is also examined with detailed parametric studies. In addition, the book covers the structural geometry and the various methods of analysis for assessing the performance of any other similar offshore platform under the special loads. A discussion of the fatigue analysis and service life prediction is also included. This important book:

    •    Includes the analysis and design of compliant offshore structures with a focus on a new generation of platforms

    •    Examines the preliminary design of triceratops in ultra-deep waters

    •    Covers an analysis of environmental loads that are inherent in offshore locations such as wave, wind and current

    •    Reviews the structural geometry and various methods of analysis for assessing the performance of any other similar offshore platform under special loads

    •    Discusses fatigue analysis and service life prediction 

    Written for engineers and researchers across engineering including civil, mechanical, structural, offshore, ocean and naval architecture, Offshore Compliant Platforms fills the need for a guide to new offshore platforms that provides an understanding of the behaviour of these structures under different loading conditions.

    Resettlement in Asian Countries Hardcover Book

    9003/Piece Get Latest Price

    Name Of BookResettlement in Asian Countries Hardcover Book
    AuthorMohammad Zaman (Editor), Reshmy Nair (Editor), Shi Guoqing (Editor)
    EditionFirst Edition
    Pages318 pages
    YearDecember 16, 2021
    kg1.65 pounds

    Minimum order quantity: 1 Piece

    This book examines land acquisition and resettlement experience in Asian countries, where nearly two-thirds of the world’s development-induced displacement currently takes place. Faced with the complexity of balancing legal frameworks and resettlement needs, along with increasing demands for safeguarding displaced peoples, in recent years many countries within Asia have adopted integrated land and resettlement laws. This book presents a comparative review and assessment of the impact of the new land and resettlement laws and regulatory frameworks for expropriation, compensation and resettlement.

    Written by an international, interdisciplinary team of experts from both practice and academia, the book demonstrates the ongoing challenges and struggles associated with social and resettlement risk assessments, the social and cultural exclusion of indigenous/vulnerable groups in some countries, and the lack of institutional capacity to adequately deal with resettlement management and administration. The case studies and comparative analyses of laws and practices relating to expropriation, compensation and resettlement make significant contributions to advancing resettlement knowledge and management practices.

    The book will be useful as a reference for development practitioners and for researchers across the fields of global development, political science, Asian studies, planning and law. The book also has potential use as a resource for resettlement management training programs and graduatelevel courses/seminars in development studies.

    The territory of Japan Hardcover Book

    1050/Piece Get Latest Price

    Name Of BookThe territory of Japan Hardcover Book .
    AuthorSerita Kentaro (Author)
    Book NameThe territory of Japan Hardcover Book .
    Calendar StandsMarch 27, 2018
    YearMarch 27, 2018
    Binding TypeHardcover
    Pages262 pages

    Minimum order quantity: 1 Piece

    The Northern Territories, Takeshima, and the Senkaku Islands—what exactly is the territorial extent of Japan? To answer this fundamental question, the author, an authority on international law, retraces and analyzes the history of negotiations over these territories, while also setting forth his vision of the future of issues concerning territorial land, air, and sea.

    The International Comparative Legal Guide 2020 Cybersecurity Paperback Book

    18800/Piece Get Latest Price

    Book NameThe International Comparative Legal Guide 2020: Cybersecurity Paperback Book
    AuthorNigel Parker (Editor), Alexandra Rendell (Editor)
    ClassHigher Education Text Book
    Number Of Pages258 pages
    PublicationGlobal Legal Group Ltd
    Weight505 g
    I Deal InNew Only

    Minimum order quantity: 1 Piece

    Welcome to the third edition of The International Comparative Legal Guide to Cybersecurity, published by Global Legal Group. This publication, which is also available at www.iclg.com, provides corporate counsel and international practitioners with comprehensive jurisdiction-by-jurisdiction guidance to cybersecurity laws and regulations around the world. This year, there are three general chapters which provide an overview of key issues affecting cybersecurity, particularly from the perspective of a multi-jurisdictional transaction. The question and answer chapters, which cover 32 jurisdictions in this edition, provide detailed answers to common questions raised by professionals dealing with cybersecurity laws and regulations. As always, this publication has been written by leading cybersecurity lawyers and industry specialists, to whom the editors and publishers are extremely grateful for their invaluable contributions. Global Legal Group would also like to extend special thanks to contributing editors Nigel Parker and Alexandra Rendell of Allen & Overy LLP for their leadership, support and expertise in bringing this project to fruition.

    Sustainable Urbanism in Developing Countries Hardcover Book

    10200/Piece Get Latest Price

    Name Of BookSustainable Urbanism in Developing Countries Hardcover Book
    AuthorUday Chatterjee (Editor), Arindam Biswas (Editor), Jenia Mukherjee (Editor), Dinabandhu Mahata (Edi
    Book NameSustainable Urbanism in Developing Countries Hardcover Book
    Calendar StandsApril 20, 2022
    YearApril 20, 2022
    Binding TypeHardcover
    Pages439 pages

    Minimum order quantity: 1 Piece

    The mushrooming of illegal housing on the periphery of cities is one of the main consequences of rapid urbanisation associated with social and environmental problems in the developing countries. Sustainable Urbanism in Developing Countries discusses the linkage between urbanism and sustainability and how sustainable urbanism can be implemented to overcome the problems of housing and living conditions in urban areas. Through case studies from India, Indonesia, China, etc., using advanced GIS techniques, this book analyses several planning and design criteria to solve the physical, social, and economic problems of urbanisation and refers to urban planning as an effective measure to protect and promote the cultural characteristics of specific locations in these developing countries.



    • Investigates an interdisciplinary approach to urbanism, including urban ecology, ecosystem services, sustainable landscapes, and advanced geographical systems


    • Analyses unique case studies of rapid urbanisation from a local to a national scale in countries such as India, Sri Lanka, China, Bangladesh, Malaysia, and Indonesia and their global impact


    • Examines the use of GIS and spatial statistics in analysing urban sprawl and the massive amount of data gathered by every operational activity of municipalities


    • Focuses on the holistic perspective of sustainable urbanism and the harmony in the human–nature relationship to achieve sustainable development


    • Covers a wide range of issues manifested in urban areas with economic, societal, and environmental implications contributed by leading scholars from the Global South

    The Production of Houses (Center for Environmental Structure Series) Hardcover Book

    6071/Piece Get Latest Price

    Name Of BookThe Production of Houses Hardcover Book
    AuthorChristopher Alexander (Author), Howard Davis Julio Martinez Don Corner
    Book NameThe Production of Houses Hardcover Book
    Calendar StandsJune 13, 1985
    YearJune 13, 1985
    Binding TypeHardcover
    Pages381 pages

    Minimum order quantity: 1 Piece

    As an innovative thinker about building and planning, Christopher Alexander has attracted a devoted following. His seminal books--The Timeless Way of Building, A Pattern Language, and The Oregon Experiment--defined a radical and fundamently new process of environmental design. Alexander now gives us the latest book in his series--a book that puts his theories to the test and shows what sort of production system can create the kind of environment he has envisioned.

    The Production of Houses centers around a group of buildings which Alexander and his associates built in 1976 in northern Mexico. Each house is different and the book explains how each family helped to lay out and construct its own home according to the family's own needs and in the framework of the pattern language. Numerous diagrams and tables as well as a variety of anecdotes make the day-today process clear.

    The Mexican project, however, is only the starting point for a comprehensive theory of housing production. The Production of Houses describes seven principles which apply to any system of production in any part of the world for housing of any cost in any climate or culture or at any density.

    In the last part of the book, "The Shift of Paradigm," Alexander describes, in detail, the devastating nature of the revolution in world view which is contained in his proposal for housing construction, and its overall implications for deep-seated cultural change.

    Kiss Bow Or Shake Hands The Bestselling Guide to Doing Business in More 60 Countries Paperback Book

    501/Piece Get Latest Price

    Name Of BookKiss Bow Or Shake Hands The Bestselling Guide to Doing Business in More 60 Countries Paperback Book
    AuthorTerri Morrison (Author), Wayne A. Conaway (Author)
    EditionSecond Edition
    Published ByAdams Media
    Pages592 pages
    YearJuly 24, 2006
    Size/Dimension7 x 1.52 x 9.13 inches
    kg3.53 ounces

    Minimum order quantity: 1 Piece

    Your Passport to International Business Etiquette

    The most authoritative and comprehensive text of its kind, Kiss, Bow, or Shake Hands, 2nd Edition is your must-have guide to proper international business protocol. With countries such as China and India taking on a more significant role in the global business landscape, you can't afford not to know the practices, customs, and philosophies of other countries.

    Now fully revised, updated, and expanded with over sixty country profiles, Kiss, Bow, or Shake Hands, 2nd Edition provides invaluable information on how to handle common business interactions with grace, respect, and an appreciation for different cultures.

    Performance at the Urban Periphery Hardcover Book

    7590/Piece Get Latest Price

    Name Of BookPerformance at the Urban Periphery Hardcover Book
    AuthorCathy Turner (Editor), Sharada Srinivasan (Editor), Jerri Daboo (Editor), Anindya Sinha (Editor)
    Book NamePerformance at the Urban Periphery Hardcover Book
    Calendar StandsJune 30, 2022
    YearJune 30, 2022
    Binding TypeHardcover
    Pages270 Pages

    Minimum order quantity: 1 Piece

    This edited volume considers performance in its engagement with expanding Indian cities, with a particular focus on festivals and performances in Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and Kerala.

    The editors ask how performance practices are affected by urbanisation, the effects of such changes on their cultural economy, and the environmental impacts of performance itself. This project also considers how performance responds to its context, and the potential for performance to be critical of the city’s development, and of its own compromises. Bringing together perspectives from the humanities, natural and social sciences, the book takes a multi-faceted analytical view of live performance, connecting contemporary with heritage forms, and human with more-than-human actors.

    The three sections, themed around heritage, everyday life, and future ecologies, will be of great interest to students and scholars in performance, heritage studies, ecology and art history.


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